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Targets matter because they make governments and companies explicitly declare exactly how much human pain they're willing to accept for immediate comfort and near term profits. Nice graphic. https://t.co/WESEiEtAC4

@ScottMorrisonMP don't run this country further into the ground. Just do the right thing for once. #auspol #Australia https://t.co/AafBFYO8lS

I'm sure #DictatorDan and his Super Computer know who organised private security for #HotelQuarantine !!! #vicpol #auspol #melbournelockdown

PT Norton
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I’m not excusing the actions of the political leadership, It’s clearly had huge issues. However, the underlying economic/industrial structural issue that meant we were exposed to this disaster is our casual labour addiction. Both issues are seperate and relevant. #COVID19Vic

#auspol #COVID19au https://t.co/vsaRweHz7R

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Do in all seriousness how many coalition ministers should have resigned by now? Cash, Tudge, Taylor, Joyce, Christensen? Other obvious ones?

SHITE FUCK* ALL OF THEM. I rest my case. #auspol #AuspolSoCorrupt https://t.co/Z82D3G1NJE

@btckr We can make this a reality! #MurdochBoycott #UnplugFoxtel #LNPpayMurdochBribes in return for favourble coverage.They keep these grants out of Cabinet ‘process’ to keep paper trail discreet.Ministr #Fletcher claims there’s insuffcnt funds for fundg #ABC tho’ #auspol #LNPcorruption

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I’ve befriended a homeless family, starting last spring. Lisa and her dog Gadget caught my attention. We meet a few times a week. They live with others in tent camps. We chat, give hugs, no masks. Why are none of these camp members sick? I hate to virtue signal but it’s all BS

They don't have TV #auspol #COVID19Vic #COVID19Victoria #covid19australia https://t.co/04FO1Z1UGK

Morrison hasn’t set foot in Victoria for months but today the borders in SA magically opened and he arrives for a fundraiser. The lord moves in mysterious ways. 😉 #auspol #insiders

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Only in a true dictatorship would a leader appear in a free-to-air televised judicial inquiry (Y) #DanielAndrews #springst #auspol #DanAndrews

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.@DanielAndrewsMP's ability to deflect damage from scandals is unrivalled among his contemporaries in Australian politics. Part of his secret is the appearance of contrition and accountability while ultimately blaming someone else. That's exactly what he did today.

Your actually describing Morrison. Who passes scripted questions to journalists and never takes responsibility for 7 years of corruption. But sure Andrews who not only fronts for your daily question 84 days in a row plus an Independent Inquire is UNRIVALLED. #auspol https://t.co/FLyKda4zir

Not one peep out of @ScottMorrisonMP all week. Can we please have our 10 grand back? #whereisScotty #auspol

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@rachelbaxendale You mean your rag are panicking that people don't believe its hit jobs on @DanielAndrewsMP anymore? #springst #auspol #IStandWithDan

Scott Morrison needs to end his pension freeze. Millions of pensioners will be worse off. Sign the petition and send him a message. https://t.co/JpMIUySd5p #auspol

Josh frydenberg is actually doing what Paul Keating told him to do #auspol

Just found out that 'Milhouse' @michaelobrienmp blocked me. Haven't even tweeted to him before! Poor diddums, hey? How's your useless no-confidence motion going, sport? #michaelobrien #auspol #springst #caniborrowaseat #Obriensleepsinaracecar https://t.co/G2baxW69BK

Just found out that 'Milhouse' @michaelobrienmp blocked me. Haven't even tweeted to him before! Poor diddums, hey? How's your useless no-confidence motion going, sport? #michaelobrien #auspol #springst #caniborrowaseat #Obriensleepsinaracecar https://t.co/G2baxW69BK

PT Norton
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The government's move to trash lending rules during a recession is a recipe for disaster https://t.co/pdWyBvWvX1

Clearly learned nothing from the GFC. #auspol https://t.co/cbeP8pfNVV

'Sliding towards extinction': koala may be given endangered listing as numbers plummet https://t.co/f36ZzIlIKc #auspol #biodiversity #conservation #koalas #extinction

equcin meey
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@PeteLawler Forget #auspol it should be #parlimental from now on

There has never been a more exciting time to winters a downturn! #auspol

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