If you dont do hundreds of pushups through out the dau, during and after workouts, quit wondering why you look like a sloth with no chest lol. #Tips #TakeEm


I’m in such a dark space , really getting overwhelmed with my thoughts and emotions

It’s not dark the sun just didn’t hit the horizon!! #itsgeminiseason #shotsup #takeem https://t.co/xlTFRVxUC2

Failures can often save you millions of dollars and hours. #takeem

Couple wooden pallets out front of the building, free for the taking. No holds! #TakeEm https://t.co/Nq2TflhuGM

Couple wooden pallets out front of the building, free for the taking. No holds! #TakeEm https://t.co/Nq2TflhuGM

@TJHanson97 @HarryKonig1 Surely after last weeks result Tom, H will be offering a couple of shots in your match. #TakeEm #moneyback

Ok for Empire fans I have some big question for Yazz and Serayah so if they can just hit me up then I would like that and im such a huge fan like the bigs like.#Takeem from empire.

2 months ago

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when daddy comes home ❤️ https://t.co/BHqS3k9nhl

I need my baby to be this happy EVERYTIME they see daddy #takeem https://t.co/6iSQL5jvQR

@EmpireFOX Ok, before I say this, I’m a hater and I embrace it (plus I wouldn’t be human if I wasn’t ) so here it goes haha I don’t feel this couple. I still am team #Takeem lol #Empire

How the fuck are they gonna end empire without #Takeem getting back together?! #Empire

Ewwwwwwww where’s #takeem #EMPIREFOX

I don’t care I want Tiona and Hakeem back together #takeem forever 💞#EmpireFox

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Last year was a rough year for my OTPs: takeem broke up for the umpteenth time, shallura & lotura sank, millory was DOA. I know it’s problematic but I was feeling Tasha & Jacob. Ralph Angel x Trin & Nova x Remy are TBD but I’m not hopeful. I realize that I was disappointed a lot https://t.co/LgXLPTH9YA

One year later & nothing’s changed. I hope they can make this finale satisfying at least but I doubt it #takeem #EmpireFox https://t.co/AHVYJYPThC

I know shipping is supposed to be fun but I’m legit tired of being disappointed. Almost none of my canon ships are endgame but I was hoping this time would be different #takeem #EmpireFox https://t.co/4X4A4KBiOb

Duh he want you to 🤷🏽‍♀️🙄 Maya girl it’s #Takeem for life lol #Empire

It’s always gone be #Takeem Maya so back off #Empire

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Don't mind me... just pointing out how this whole convo was awko taco. 😬 #Empire https://t.co/cRvi80Dwcc

My favorite girllll #Tiana #Serayah💓💓. My favorite team 💓 #Takeem 💓💙🥰 https://t.co/NZiMt1AJrT

3 months ago

@MissIsabelC I don’t hate Maya, but I appreciate the history that #Takeem has. There’s a reason the other relationships they’ve been in haven’t worked out.

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