The richest mine ever discovered is on the deadliest planet in the galaxy.

8 hours ago

@IngrahamAngle @mschlapp @DineshDSouza @TomBevanRCP @FoxNews Democrats hatred toward Catholics is appalling! Wow, how low will they go? Evil will prevail if good men stand by and do nothing. Democrats are riding with the devil. #stoptheinsanity

9 hours ago

@seanhannity Anti-religion, anti-Catholicism... how far can the Democrats fall into the depths of hatred? When will good men stand up and say enough is enough? I guess Democrats have forgotten how many Catholics there are in the US. #stoptheinsanity #PrayforPeace

HERE WE GO AGAIN: Public Schools Are Beginning To Integrate #BLM Protests and Riots #StopTheInsanity https://t.co/UWwJYPDR7F

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