@brianstelter Just another ratioed tweet from the mouse caught in a #soyboy body.

96% Overwhelmingly Positive Reviews! Grab a friend and get in on the co-op FPS action!

@RealJamesWoods Jimmy swallowed the whole thing πŸ† #betamale #whiteguilt #soyboy

β€œYou know I love you right? You know I love you? You look like a fucking β€˜retard’ on your phone. πŸ“± β€œ #KatieNolan #quote ....to the person I love πŸ’” ....and I do have to agree with her, he does look like a fucking moron sticking up for her. #soyBoy #undeservedLove

@DavidMuir @jorgeramosnews Where's the confetti? Let me guess @maddow sent her #SoyBoy @chrislhayes to Party City way before you got there, right? He didn't even leave you a single party popper.

@davidhogg111 You know what's weird. That kid in your profile image has bigger arms than you do. #SoyBoy

@CDO55 @BiasedGirl You injest too much soy. You should feel shame, but you are a #soyboy... https://t.co/j57Q2UK0cN

@CDO55 @BiasedGirl You injest too much soy. You should feel shame, but you are a #soyboy... https://t.co/j57Q2UK0cN

@PageSix Simp Of The Fucking Year... I don't know which is worse: the idea that this "man" is so moist, so soggy with soy that he would even think of doing that or that his woman would think it was cool. #moist #soyboy #thesoyisstrongwiththisone #bluepill

@ddale8 She also said that I could have half of her wealth πŸ˜‰πŸ™„#SoyBoy

Quoted @jaketapper

I’m sure it won’t upset Ginsburg’s grieving family at all that her dying wish as dictated to her granddaughter is now being called a Democratic hoax by the president of the United States. https://t.co/YsfSpXgRJL

Checking Constitution for dying wish clause... Looking... Reading... Re-reading...ya know, just to make sure... NOPE! NOT IN THERE, MORON! #FakeYapper #SoyBoy #PearlClutcher https://t.co/4HYcnJCRIY

@BeauWillimon Who’s β€œwe”? Have a frog in your pocket #SoyBoy?

@_andysmith000 @MetroUK Lol. Learn the law, statutes are only given the force of law if you consent to them. Masks legislation doesn’t come under law. I’ve been challenged by police on this issue and they’re stumbed when I ask them to provide a law that requires masks. #soyboy

@jkCallawayYAY @GOP You can cry all you want. Your Illegal-loving, child-touching, Police-hating, Globalist-loving Democratic party is crumbling. The good guys will win. #soyboy

@PogosnapshotB I like that nickname, reminds me of my son who is allergic to milk and only drank soy milk as a toddler, we called him #Soyboy. I love it!

@marcellustouss1 @GDoc2001 @jtuohey21 @BostonGlobe You are πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ #soyboy #snowflake

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