Lenovo Legion x @PlayApex Now is your chance to rise above the rest. Unmatched performance, purposeful engineering, modern design. Gear up with a machine as savage as you are. Stylish outside. Savage inside.

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Hey Twitter Friends! I'm going to be streaming my Miniature painting over on Twitch in the coming days! If you'd like to come out and hang and paint along with me check me out over here. https://t.co/PGKq3EjqvR

Go check this lad out too #SmallStreamersConnect https://t.co/0z9QoLU7Y1

I'M LIVE!!! Continuiong my grind in Age of Calamity to get all the missions and side quests done RTS APPRECIATED #SupportSmallStreamers #SmallStreamersConnect @SmallStreamersR https://t.co/AsWUEnLf7e

Dead By Daylight | Few Killer Games then SWF https://t.co/5c9qrPNxhj come and say Hi!! :) #SmallStreamersConnect

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