@NRO @johnfund Wow, guess you gave up on even pretending to uphold WFB Jr's legacy. #sad

Listen up, Miners! It's time to recruit those stragglin' beardo friends of yours. Management has approved a 30% discount on Deep Rock Galactic, so get in before Update 32 hits! https://t.co/zLYjLdoAKE

When you lose 3 games tonight because of teammates lagging out on @PlayOverwatch trash servers. And we wonder why the games dead. #sad @Blizzard_Ent #blizzard #OWL2020

Quoted @AdamParkhomenko

Look at this motherfucker just walk away when asked why Americans pay taxes and he doesn’t. https://t.co/jxJEjKEom1

#FakeBillionaire #CadetBoneSpurs @realDonaldTrump, you look extremely #Sad when you escaped from real journalists! You should get used to this because that's the kind of walk you would take every day when you are in prison. https://t.co/qa00fgWY4K

@SKYRIDER4538 He shot the XFL before it could start again. #SAD

8 minutes ago
8 minutes ago

Is it even worth trying? Worth living? Trying to please people when you're not even noticed? Whats the point honestly #adilrajput #BawalJudgmental #30days30waysUK #Sad #sadquote #Help

8 minutes ago

@jpweeb @meenaharris @AnandWrites You know what is really #sad...he got $70000 tax break and the best wig his stylist could find to fit his head was bunch of chicken feather that wind blew their way

8 minutes ago

@CaroDiRusso I guess there’s no pleasing some people #Sad

@MSNBC Pretty sure @JoeBiden is having prostate issues and can't pee in a cup or his campaign wouldn't be so focused on potty humour. #Sad #BrokenJoe get you some @supbetaprostate and you'll be feeling like new. You might even finish a 33 1/3...

10 minutes ago

Quoted @Rubensad3

La cara que se te queda cuando CCOO y UGT de tu comite salen corriendo y ni saludan despues de apoyarles en la calle durante mas de dos horas no tiene precio #SADEsencialesOlvidadas @Sandra96962336 @Valery0205 @NOELIA__12 @tatimarmo @UnionDeLuchas @jennermostoles @Comoespecie https://t.co/9qcLf32Sl7

#SADNoSeVendeSeDefiende @EnfurecidaAna @EnfurecidoAure @psoegijon @Barbon @IUgijon Una vez más vendiendo a las Auxiliares del #SAD. Así se defiende a l@s trabajador@s? No parece que vayan a trabajar en las mismas condiciones que vuestr@s compañer@s o no sabéis leer. Incomprensi https://t.co/L3LpSvF2oq

But alas, I am Chicken Little & the sky will fall faster if I don’t work. Also, I married man who encourages me to work & doesn’t believe in luxury goods so I have to buy me nice things #sad

@Agk3los @WieckingChris @ProjectLincoln I saw it live, sir. See, I’m not part of the Trump cult, like you appear to be. Also, let me guess—Trump also never said “We have 15 Covid cases and in a few days we’ll be close to zero,” right? Dude has lied to the American people over 20k Times. #Sad https://t.co/7hN2QGhd7A

This is the Year of capitalism ... everybody got theirs hands in somebody's pockets. Look at the Rock ..Sounding like he back on smackdown or Something. #Sad day in America....when we paying People to wear tight clothes for attentions ..#cuties for #Women😂🤣🤦🏾‍♂️ https://t.co/x4ovyQAeM0

14 minutes ago

Viendo mis seguidores y casi todos fueron compañeros de CDS jajajaja no usan TW 😢😂😂 #sad

@arynbraun And this person works for “The Economist” - you can’t make this sh🤔*t up!!! H &R Block tax level IQ #Sad

It's #sad that Australian news is more honest and accurate about what happens in the #USA than #American #MSM/#FakeNews outlets. #AmericaFirst #Trump2020 https://t.co/oIfeEcLOyK

It's #sad that Australian news is more honest and accurate about what happens in the #USA than #American #MSM/#FakeNews outlets. #AmericanFirst #Trump2020 https://t.co/oIfeEcLOyK

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