That was a damn good catch Wendle #SCTop10

MHOC | THIS DAY IN HISTORY: 10/27/2018 | 2⃣ years ago the Roos 🦘 made their first ever appearance on @SportsCenter as Jeffrey Gauld recorded his first collegiate goal leading @CantonRooHockey 🏒 to a 6-4 win! The play was #2 on #SCTop10 at midnight and #5 the next morning! https://t.co/JhRZN2vvlj

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“Get that on @espn, that will make it to their top 10” Kids from opposite team even chimed in with the @SportsCenter theme song ❤️ @coachbrun @MirandaKramer @CoachAlberghini @UTAMavsSoftball @heathsoftball @StriveSoftball @SoftballConnect @softball_dugout @Los_Stuff https://t.co/orVI0bteGq

@SportsCenter @espn show me a better play! Get this kid on the show. She’s an unbelievable kid too! @notthefakeSVP take a look and talk to this young lady. I don’t know of any with better character. #SCtop10 https://t.co/15VUbAflPT

Check out this #sctop10 play from Aiden during Sunday's fall finale with the Indiana Astros. @manuelmargot, take notes. 😬😂 https://t.co/qXGFgxdAkK

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0:18 left. District opener. Opponent has the ball. Tie game. Then THIS happens. @LangloisMatthew you are a FREAK. https://t.co/xhSV7ljFBT

@SportsCenter #SCtop10 https://t.co/cJwOQk6h6T

@SportsCenter #SCTop10 USHL preseason 10/21/20 Omaha at Tri-City. Omaha's Hunter McDonald scores short handed to cut the lead to 2. https://t.co/ZfDjpYnoU1

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Fast Breaks about to be Dunk Contest this year 🗣 #RETWEEET https://t.co/srfOywdepu

Fast Breaks about to be Dunk Contest this year 🗣 #RETWEEET https://t.co/srfOywdepu

#SCTop10 https://t.co/kJlDNtCYhj

@SportsCenter #SCTop10 PBYFL-Andrews Mustangs vs Big Spring Steers 8 & 9 year old - 10/24/2020 It's the 4th Quarter and score is tied 0-0 with 13 seconds left on the clock. Xander Emiliano #11 is the outside linebacker, 90 yard PICK6 for the win on the last play of the game https://t.co/01G4nZ8IAI

Told’em my boy has some hands! #10 Malachi Rivas with the 45 yd TD 💣 to my son #9 Jayden Carrillo #SCTop10 #Espn #Sportscenter #7A #highlightreel #Football #SanJacintoInt #Tigers https://t.co/J37ZwyXVRs

Catch? Wow. Anthony Miller with some #SCTop10 #Bears

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