Watching @Anele and her sister @tembisa ,, @RealTalkOn3 repeat ❤😀.. You guys were and still the best 💙💕💕💕 #RealTalkon3

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"you don't owe anyone any answers about your life. "Not responding is a response" #RealTalkOn3 #Bonang I stan 🙏🙏🙌🙌

"I think a lot of people want me to share my personal life, which is something that I've not done and which I won't do." #realtalkon3 #bonang

“Just because I don’t break down in front of people, it does not mean it does not happen, I just choose where it happens”. #realtalkon3 #bonang

“ I tend to not waste my time on things that are not beneficial. After o fetsa go rogakana, and then what? @bonang_m 😭🙌🏻 #RealTalkOn3

"Blessings don't stop with you. God blesses you to be a tributary. Whether it's through inspiration, financially, time etc. Blessings can't stop with you." #realtalkon3 #bonang

"The problem with helping people from the kindness of your heart is how ungrateful they can be when you say no. All of a sudden you're the villain". #realtalkon3 #bonang

Hi @XhantiPayi - I just watched #RealTalkon3 by @Anele where Bitcoin was discussed. I am impressed with the questions you asked, especially on the underlying value of the 'currency'. I would like to know your view now about bitcoin? Could this be another MMM?

Guys, what happened to #Realtalkon3 👀

Thank you @Azania_ For the interview with Xolani on #realtalkon3. I had missed this one and now that I watch it now, hearing him again, my heart is at peace. Condolences to the Gwala family, friends and 702 - we are united in mourning this tremendous loss. #RIPXolaniGwala

Heart-warming hearing a Dad speak with so much affection about his kids and his wife. ❤️We are learning @davidkau1 #fatherhood #parenting #family source : #RealTalkon3 https://t.co/VTSpLko7vZ

@afro_nala Hahaha awww I never missed watching @RealTalkOn3 loved it to bits.thank you mamie for taking me down memory lane #RealTalkOn3

#Mshoza #Mavis • Ntate Thuso Motaung: M'fanaka, why o jola o se na chelete? • #RealTalkon3 (panel discussion on modern dating), Guest: You attract/date people according to your perceived market cap.

Quoted @MachepeSusan

Pearl thusi invite Bonang on behind the story and today's episode of aka you did not ask questions we want to hear

No thank you, I don't think my queen has time for such. #Realtalkon3 with Bonang was enough. https://t.co/qNRD4TrdFu

#RealTalkOn3 “I’ve had 4 boyfriends I could’ve had 15 if I wanted” Bonang That’s good when men change women - it’s glorified, but when it’s a woman = you labelled a #slut #BeingBonang

Guys kante #RealTalkOn3 hae sa tsena?

Learn the crypto lingo – SAFCOIN: Africa’s crypto exchange and wallet. https://t.co/2U8l1AKC1x #realtalkon3

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