Seriously #Democrats and @SenFeinstein ! 🤔🙄🤨 You all nominate Catholic @JoeBiden to run for #President of the #USA but it's not ok for Catholic Amy Coney Barrett to be on the #SupremeCourt??? We Support AmyCB. 🇺🇸 A person CAN be Catholic #ProLife and #ProChoice

Campaigning for #President is SUPPOSED to be a job interview, but most of you are treating it like you're arguing over Star Wars vs Star Trek and ignoring the flaws of your favorite because it's axiomatically better than the other. And you're wrong to do it.

'We feel left behind by the #president...I trust #JoeBiden' #SwingStates #BidenHarris2020 Biden rolls out swing state ads looking to knock Trump on the economy https://t.co/KLwIeIBar9

@VeBo1991 My #President is a bad a**. He makes a mask look like a must have accessory.

@TeamTrump @realDonaldTrump is that your way of saying to grab @Scotus by the Pu**y? Both an abuse of position. You’ve proven that integrity and honor are important in a #President #Trafficking @FBI have you investigated this guy in the pink tie for child #Trafficking ? https://t.co/tKvnsErwf2

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