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This tweet and quote tweet sums up the Christian Twitter response to Trump over the last week. https://t.co/QUf7EdqM48

@Michael91586099 #NWWH Exhibit A: https://t.co/5HV7BPjZkO

I have never seen anyone win an argument or change someone else’s mind by posting something harsh on social media. #nwwh

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@KamalaHarris That's great to hear. Sounds like you guys are ready to open up the country when you get in office, I'm looking forward to getting back to life. Thank you in advance. #NWWH

I’m just gonna say it... American preachers rely on shouting too much for rhetorical force. If you believe it’s a good point worth emphasising, it’s worth emphasising at a normal volume with conversational cadence. #NWWH

“Complementarianism is freeing to women. . .Faithful women love Godly, robust, faithful male leadership.” @JoshBuice #NWWH

Those "professing" to be believers in the Lord Jesus Christ, who continue be proponents of a "social gospel" or "woke sociology" have shown themselves to be blind, short sighted, useless & unfruitful in the true knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. #NWWH

I’m curious as to why professing evangelicals who embrace CRT believe the gospel at all. It just doesn’t make sense to me that anyone would subscribe—by faith—to a theological construct that claims to be eternally sufficient yet, apparently, is temporally insufficient. 🤷🏽‍♂️ #NWWH

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What a pitiable witness it is to the world that, under the guise of “racial reconciliation,” some professing Christians seek to pit believers of one shade of melanin against those of another shade of melanin—as if the ethnic composition of the Church were up to them and not God.

#NWWH https://t.co/lzuGlEIpP4

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BREAKING - San Diego County data for FLU infections shows **only 36 cases** so far this year. In a typical year we get over 17,073 on average! Once again, I'm calling for a full audit of the Covid-19 data we are seeing reported from our public health system.

If it is all on the up-n-up, there should be no problem with this. #NWWH https://t.co/0WG61PDRD3

Churches can't even ring their bells and chimes on Sunday morning for fear of waking up the neighborhood. #NWWH #CCOT #TCOT

If John the Baptist preached today he would lose his head for being a rabble rouser and a calamity howler. #NWWH

If Paul Revere rode today he would be arrested for disturbing the peace. #NWWH

Anti-CRT is the latest fashionable idol in conservative evangelicalism. #NWWH

The Achilles heel, if you will, of the evangelical church with regard to its susceptibility to CRT and the "social gospel," is its own ignorance about what the Scriptures teach about the detrimental effects of sin, both on and in the world, in terms of equity and justice. #NWWH

@theistinthought @AnnaGraceWood My mother and sister insisted that anyone who came to visit for Christmas must wear a mask. Three of my four children wanted to see their grandma so much that they did it. I'm not letting anyone, including my mother, rob me of the courage of my convictions. #NWWH

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A big reason why so many Christian women have become career-driven is that older Christian women are not training the younger women in the domestic sphere. The don’t practice Titus 2:3-5: “Older women likewise are to . . . train the young women to . . . [be] working at home.”

#NWWH https://t.co/wmgW8iQ0v2

Heading back today to California after a 10-day trip to Georgia for Christmas. It was nice to see parking lots full of vehicles because businesses are open. People do wear masks, yes, but in a spirit of common sense, not at the expense of shutting down the state’s economy. #NWWH

@D_B_Harrison And away we go.... #NWWH

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