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My other acct got suspended today and all I said was I asked @jack what he was going to allow us to say today. He took every single follower too. Hmm. Maybe I touched a nerve. #censorship #MAGA #AmericaFIRST #HunterIsAPervert #JackDorseyIsAPrick 🇺🇸

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It’s striking that previous dude did not pardon any of the people who ran up in the Capitol on his behalf. Like starting a bar fight for no reason, getting your people to jump in and while they’re fighting you hop in a taxi and go to a spa because fights are stressful.

#MAGA #QAnon https://t.co/P8DiONA1jW

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Is this going to be another shill movement, or is this really #PresidentT organized? #TrumpNation? I haven't seen anyone corrupted that name yet!! To easy to fall into their traps #MAGA🤢 #AmericaFirst 🤢#StopTheSteal 🤢 #ComeOnMan #Trump2020 #WeWon https://t.co/eX1rptXPRh https://t.co/OH7q7CgwGW

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They’re trying to disarm @laurenboebert on the floor of the House of Representatives because, ultimately, they’re coming to disarm many, many more

Your Cellmate already named your butthole.. Enjoy! #MAGA LOSER https://t.co/T4XW99nuhZ

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The left is attacking Marjorie Taylor Greene for submitting Articles of Impeachment against Joe Biden. Let’s make them even more mad by retweeting this tweet and contributing to her campaign at this link https://t.co/ghYno81lwi https://t.co/x5lTM7OwGL

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GOP Party is full of RINOS. Liz Cheney, McConnell, McCarthy, Adam K, Sasse, Romney, Pence and Many more.... Despicable Traitors. STOLEN ELECTION #MAGA Disgusting Thieves @realDonaldTrump #NeedVoterID #StolenElection & 2 S #StopTheStealing @SenateGOP @RNC @newsmax

Marketing is a simple game. Get attention, and turn it into revenue. What other way is there to market than showing people with what you make them think they want! #marketing #entrepreneur #business #MAGA

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I disagree with Sen Cornyn. If someone breaks into your house & kills a member of your family, you don’t let it go because they left your house. Trump invited the terrorists, whipped them into a frenzy & aimed them at the Capitol; ppl died, others were hurt. #DemVoice1 #Dems4USA https://t.co/9uJEYtBCHj

You can't impeach a President who's not sitting in office, and that is unconstitutional. But Nancy Pelosi is not a sane human being. She's breaking the law over, and over again! Nobody calls her out on it. This must end! #MAGA #ArrestNancyPelosi https://t.co/shNUJdAkag https://t.co/4flXXlXynY

WaPo opinion piece https://t.co/7dSSMAGfK6 explains how minority Trump voters have allowed themselves to be corrupted by the promise of ‘multiracial whiteness’ #ccot #dems #gop #libcrib #lnyhbt #maga #msm #ofa #p2 #resist #tcot #tlot #uniteblue

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@nutmeg237 @cmg_48 @nypost Easy answer. Her 20k fridge broke down and melted 200.00 in ice cream. #MAGA

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My office is available; the Guard is welcome to it. There is plenty of space in the US Capitol for the men and women keeping us safe. https://t.co/YAUMnRdOrt

Best be careful there ! Your Party will invite them in then scream INSURRECTION!!!! #CapitolBuilding #MAGA #DC https://t.co/W9uH7G3VX4

The only promise left - To drain this SWAMP. When did Trump say something he did not mean? Ye of little faith only rode the bandwagon when it was the thing to do? We stand firm to complete this mission we all started. To jump off & lose direction is on each of you. #MAGA

@nypost Pelosi can go to jail to for knowledge of torture. #ForceTheVote #MedicareForAll #sellout #MAGA #BoogalooBoys #Workers #Antifaall need to unite and tax these totalitarian businesses, if they won't pay a more fair tax, replace them with people that will.

@Thomas2374 Fox News is entertainment, not truthful news, Tucker Carlson was SUED for LYING & the judged determined that Fox News was propaganda rather than news , google it if #MAGA & #QAnon don't believe me, also #ANTIFA is NOT SUPPORTED BY DEMOCRATS & they are ANTI-BIDEN

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