@CMT Wow. What a question. I would have to say Matt Williams. His music reflects his life. Matt is very talented. His voice is I incredible and ladies he is very easy on the eyes. Yes that is who I want to see. #Loveonsomebody

2020 is confusing, but meeting your financial goals can be a little easier thanks to @BankofAmerica #BetterMoneyHabits. Check out this video for financial guidance in this new normal.

@mattwilliamshq Oh yes my presave was there the first day. Can’t wait to hear your new song. #Loveonsomebody

@mattwilliamshq This is the song I have been hoping you would release. I can just close my eyes and see the town. I like everything about it. The music, the words and of course your voice ❤️ #Loveonsomebody

New music from Matt Williams. I don’t think there is anyone who didn’t love to ride. Check it out. You won’t be sorry. #Loveonsomebody https://t.co/GulxUympMq

@SoundsLikeNash @mattwilliamshq Yes this is an awesome song. Listen to the words and see how this song can relate to you. #Loveonsomebody

@3angelwraps @mattwilliamshq @SXMTheHighway @FM1061 This is such a good song. Thank you Matt for the music you share with us. Can’t wait for the new one. #Loveonsomebody

@3angelwraps @mattwilliamshq @SXMTheHighway @FM1061 Yet another great song from Matt Williams? Have you heard it? If not you really need to. #Loveonsomebody

@mattwilliamshq @elvieshanemusic I did and it is a really good song. You have an incredible voice and the emotion you put into it just made it better. If haven’t heard it, mosey on over and listen to it. #Loveonsomebody

Hello Twitter, Hoping all is well with everyone. We are getting a lot of rain in Fl. Just wanted to say that we need to keep streaming Matt Williams new song Now and Then. It is on all music platforms. It is an incredible song and I think many will relate to it. #Loveonsomebody

The trick is to grow better and not bitter. Let peace consume you, serenity comfort you and rest restore you. #LoveOnSomebody and good night you beautiful soul you. https://t.co/WL9nTytAwv

Hello Twitter, Live-stream his concert. Yes Matt Williams is going to be in concert Sunday night. Get your tickets here: https://t.co/CLKClIGlVL #Loveonsomebody

Just a reminder of how valuable you are. I appreciate you. Thank you for vibrating higher and choosing to experience this journey of life. #LoveOnSomebody #LiveAndLetLive #LiveLifeOnLifeTerms #LiveAbundantly https://t.co/gnLLG3jGIn

@mattwilliamshq Thank you Matt. I was able to get my ticket and I am so happy. Very excited to see you live on a stage. A little different from our Wednesday night but I know it will be incredible. You will be here soon enough. #Loveonsomebody

@mattwilliamshq Matt, good evening and I hope you all are well. I open the link for the live show and nothing came up. Please tell me how to get tickets. #Loveonsomebody

Hello Twitter, So how is everyone tonight? I hope well. Just checking in to see if you all are streaming “Now and Then” by Matt Williams. It is a very relatable song and I know you will like it. Give it a listen because you won’t be sorry. #Loveonsomebody

All the tickets are SOLD OUT but you can still tune in via IG Live @DoubleGGrace and on Facebook at poets For Dinner starting at 6pm. #PoetsForDinner #FreeFood #LoveOnSomebody #PFDHome #FreeMic #Poetry #AdultNight… https://t.co/YPm6wvjlQR

Hello Twitter, I am hoping that everyone is streaming Matt Williams new song “Now and Then.” It is an incredible song. If you have not heard it yet, by all means go to your music platform and get it. You won’t be disappointed. #Loveonsomebody

@mattwilliamshq @bretteldredge I think you did an amazing job on this song. You are so awesome on ballads. I am so glad you decided to share your gift with all of us. #Loveonsomebody

Also Twitter, keep streaming Matt Williams new song “Now and Then” on all music platforms. This song is so very relatable. Give it a listen and see what I mean. #LoveonSomebody

Hello Twitter, have you heard the cover songs that Matt Williams sang during this week? If you haven’t, go to his Facebook and listen to them. All are pretty damn awesome. Then again, it’s our boy Matt! #LoveonSomebody

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