The richest mine ever discovered is on the deadliest planet in the galaxy.

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@PinkNews 'Russian neo-Nazi who kidnapped and tortured gay teens found dead in prison cell'. D'habitude, je ne me rejouis pas de la mort d'une personne mais dans ce cas là, j'avoue que OUI' #GoodNews #lgbtqia #loveislove

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pixelbuffer is streaming Words On Stream! over at https://t.co/DBaDdrx5yi - Monday Night Gaming · !discord !ig !gamevote #WeArePRYSM #LGBTQIA #TwitchStreamers

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Congrats @Mike_Pence for coming out!! So proud of you #LGBTQIA 🏳️‍🌈

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@NBCNews Too late @TheEllenShow You didn’t see this crap happening with @Oprah on her show All busy making millions but not taking care of your bread and butter, ur show. Yes, there will be haters, I’m not one, but you disappoint me being n the #LGBTQIA community

@DinahPoellnitz @davwim @ninaturner @TENDEMANDS Honestly @ninaturner became my only hope for my sons survival in this corporate society that both parties created . My son says he has the 3 strikes law against him . 1. He has mental health issues 2. He is biracial 3. He is part of the #LGBTQIA community @4aPeoplesParty

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Come join our *Witness* team! We are currently looking for volunteer readers, in every genre. For consideration, please send a short bio &/or CV, as well as your preferred genre(s) to witness.community@unlv.edu by Sept 25th. We can hardly wait! #writingcommunity #litmag #readers https://t.co/mxHg2zxhiC

#blackwriters #Latinx #LGBTQ #LGBTQIA #WritingCommunity #BIPOC #writers #BVM #disabilityvisibility #Authors #writers #amreading This is the way to help amplify talented underrepresented voices. https://t.co/8jXvutaQeS

@StillBisexual @robynochs @Twitter It was already commonly being used by the #Queer Community by international groups ie @ILGAWORLD @IDAHOMOPHOBIA who used the (+) in various hashtags ie #LGBT+ #LGBTQ+ #LGBTQIA+ to be inclusive #Bisexuals simply adopted the same nomenclature

@udubgal What if (and I’m actually asking serious) Cam is ‘fluid’ in his gender identity? And all his fashion expresses that? Chance of is mainly why I’m not a mocker. #LGBTQIA OTOH, my LBP homegirl Cameron Diaz rocks this look! She OWNS it! 🥰

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Why is the dad gay in Lovecraft Why is the governors secretary gay in Ratched Why is everything gay on tv

Wait til she finds out which actors are #LGBTQIA https://t.co/XTbc0pbufs


Um dos ícones #LGBTQIA+ que fizeram história pra nós hoje colocarmos a cara no sol. https://t.co/4gFN4dD7bK

@taylorswiftly93 Have a youngin with mental health issues who is a member of the #LGBTQIA community & I need to take care of his dreams before mine comrade . But still ,,,, i another life , L.O.L. !

Szyael is streaming Hades! over at https://t.co/6KbeiCtx14 - Zagreus, God of Himbos #WeArePRYSM #LGBTQIA #TwitchStreamers

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