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Diane tasking Jackson with taking care of her daughter when she passed and then Maggie saying that her mother Diane was her barometer when it came to men... #jaggie #GreysAnatomy https://t.co/KFSFnrzwqW

"She figured I would do my best to take care of you, and she was right." 🥺🖤 #greysanatomy #Jaggie https://t.co/dNdQZidasR

Quoted @iJesseWilliams

.@hellojerrika @d_glamorous1 @shondarhimes @KellyMcCreary Me until ur suggestions land on Edwards and Pierce! https://t.co/8gMi4QOa89

Speaking of black love @iJesseWilliams deserves the props for the visionary that he was in sending a wish for a beautiful black love on Grey's into the universe back in spring 2016. Two beautiful brilliant black doctors building a beautiful love story. That's why I love #Jaggie. https://t.co/zgfnyY7KnY

A throwback to this incredible performance from @iJesseWilliams and @KellyMcCreary 😭 They broke my heart this ep. Jackson opening up and being vulnerable and Maggie supporting him was one of my fave S15 moments. Such a beautiful display of black love. I miss them. #Jaggie https://t.co/7HCdNgemlm

I don't understand YouTube bc this was blocked the day I uploaded it lol! Well it's public now for all of us to keep watching as many times as we want!😍🥰 #Jaggie Maggie + Jackson 🦋 Butterflies https://t.co/TuOdDwje4T via @YouTube

im gonna tag again bc i know oomfs are spamming and i want it to be fair #japril #merder #slexie #calzona #jolex #izzex #crowen #amelink #jaggie #marina #benley #towen #tenry #merluca anyway

I will never get tired of their first kiss. 🥺😍🖤 #Jaggie https://t.co/aOJEkA7zTw

And thissssss😭😭 the proximity just did something to me #Jaggie https://t.co/U5DgQtJtu4 https://t.co/OFidGbe8Z3

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