@Theresa_Chapple #IDJClub makes amazing study infographics before discussing topics for example, which help me decide which studies I need to read. This may not be a systematic approach, but at least a start to get access to the most important and possibly practice changing literature. /2

@serotavirus @IDJClub Yes and a native joint septic arthritis trial that isn’t all finger bones plz #idjclub

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Q1: What features of a patient’s illness do you focus on when determining how long to give antibiotics for GNR bacteremia? #IDJClub

I do have a question for anyone lingering online. There's no data to support the 14 day dogma, yet it feels so hard to overcome habit. Why do you think that is? #IDJClub https://t.co/MIKaCKtAY0

@AnushaRohit Do believe the consensus was infection prosthesis = not having source control until its gone, hard to apply this data to that population. #IDJClub

@Ed8056 @IDJClub Agree, always happy to learn and be proven wrong. Definitely won't have the same response forward. Change, improve, evolve. Lifelong learner. #IDJClub

@Howzzeee @IDJClub submitted to IDWeek :) Everyone had really nice things to say. Very encouraging. But the proof is in the pudding... really engaging discussions week in and week out at #IDJClub. We have an awesome community in #IDTwitter

@serotavirus @IDJClub I know we all like citing this paper and I'm sure you've read it https://t.co/XBMSLf4MwM @BradSpellberg But more data is always better #IDJClub

@JillWeather @DocWoc71 @Pnyx2010 @mangarone23 @Bacteri_Al Don't be a stranger, do come back! Can't promise weekly though... 😬😬😬#IDJClub

@asato4kids @AlastairMcA30 @IDJClub The trend to increased candidemia risk is interesting. Thank you for sharing :). #IDJClub

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Thanks for joining us, see you again real soon! #IDJClub https://t.co/JFNfPYD0KE

Thanks for joining us, see you again real soon! #IDJClub https://t.co/JFNfPYD0KE

One liner from tonight’s #IDJClub #shorterisbetter ⏳ @BradSpellberg https://t.co/oQwr7Wvo0X

@IDJClub Much appreciated #IDJClub ! Love this! Also... when do we get to see the results from the survey on these??? I'm anxiously awaiting to see how awesome everyone thinks y'all are ;)

@roby_bhatt @DocWoc71 @AbhirupMD @IDJClub #DjoCOVIDIOT you mean. Yeah no anti-vaxxers in the #IDJClub we don't do that here!

@IDJClub Thanks for another great Monday Might #IDJClub

@IDJClub Thanks!! Always learning something new! #IDJClub

@Howzzeee @IDJClub There are many of use in Transplant ID pushing for shorter courses and for not treating our patients any different #IDJClub

@CBLevineMS @GermHunterMD @IDJClub #IDJClub oh good point! I figured they'd just do another cost analysis trial and get two pubs from the trial but I forgot they could technically add clinical outcomes there too.

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