I just called my U.S. Senator and urged them to pass the #HEROESAct w/ the @AFLCIO #1u Take action here: https://t.co/UhJIh3JzL4

Students need to learn. Educators need to teach. Parents need to go back to work. Schools need to reopen & the Senate needs to pass the #HEROESAct to make it possible! https://t.co/vVtcZHnctv @voxdotcom

Chicago should worry less about the cost of the @CTULocal1 contract & more about securing more funding for our schools so they can reopen in the fall. Need to pass the #HeroesAct now. https://t.co/cySuqzQIAR @AFTunion @rweingarten

I just called my U.S. Senator and urged them to pass the #HEROESAct w/ the @AFLCIO #1u Take action here: https://t.co/t2xigzQ40W

Quoted @SenSherrodBrown

On #NationalPostalWorkerDay, I want to thank the 25,000 postal workers in Ohio, so many of whom have risked their health to serve Ohioans everywhere. Congress should provide them with proper protective equipment and include robust funding for the USPS in the next relief package.

Fine, I’ll save you a call to the US Senate, Ohio. BUT! I bet @senrobportman could use some nudging in why it’s so important we pass the #HeroesAct (it includes crucial funding for the USPS!). ☎️💻 call/email him today ⬇️ https://t.co/vAc9yb6oij https://t.co/WcWIneXURj

@Gop @SenateRepCaucus @SenateGOP @realDonaldTrump come November, you will hear this words. “You’re Fired” #Heartless #NoJusticeNoPeace #HeroesAct

@senrobportman, Our democracy is counting on federal dollars to #saveUSPS and to expand vote by mail and safe in-person voting for the #2020election Contact @senrobportman to urge him to pass the #HEROESAct

Have you seen this? George's aim: To raise money to treat NHS, care and key workers to a fully paid break at the Salfordian Hotel, Southport when it re-opens. His virtual walk will cover 732 miles from Eccles to France!👉https://t.co/HCdOX0Npjl #HEROESAct

Let’s get the #HeroesAct through this Senate. Americans need help now. 🇺🇸

@ChrisVanHollen @SpeakerPelosi @SenToomey How about the #HeroesAct just be about the ones you call heros. #FRONTLINE workers who were considered #EssentialWorkers and didn't get to stay home, instead risk their health and families working high risk areas. Most got infected with #COVIDー19

Quoted @SenSchumer

The first of month means rent is due for millions of Americans struggling to make ends meet amid COVID-19 I just took to the floor with @SenSherrodBrown to demand we pass our bill that helps ensure families can stay in their homes But Senate GOP blocked it #RentReliefNow

#RentReliefNow #HeroesAct #PassHEROESActNow https://t.co/1Y6dYQCSul

The Senate needs to give monthly #stimulus payments and extend #unemploymentbenefits or they don't get paid. We need a #SuperHeroesAct. #HeroesAct doesn't go far enough

The House passed the HEROES Act on May 15th, *a month & a half ago.* Call your senators & demand that American citizens receive the monetary relief & life protections that we deserve during these awful times. #HEROESAct #WeDeserveToSurvive #PassHEROES https://t.co/1EsgGHBzGr

@RepBarbaraLee Please help. $600/wk will be expiring soon. Not long after that, many may need to take on Cobra medical costs, if not already. Any accrued medical will run out as well, if employment doesn’t improve. Losing $2400/mo now buy go buy medical coverage for your family. #HeroesAct

Quoted @EndChildPovCA

Quality #afterschool programs are part of CA’s #EndChildPoverty Plan. After wins in California, CA’s #AfterSchoolWorks coalition is on fire again—this time for federal support. #HEROESAct 🌈🔥🔥🌈 https://t.co/T90Eq8vm9Z

🏁3, 2, 1 We’re gassing up our 🚌 for #change @TheBlackCaucus @RepKarenBass @RepBarragan @RepJudyChu @SenKamalaHarris @SenFeinstein we need your leadership influence Our communities need @senatemajldr to pass #HeroesAct #FundEducation #AfterschoolWorks #EdJustice #Congress https://t.co/SXlrQ9Z1td

Quoted @SenKamalaHarris

The House passed additional COVID-19 relief on May 15 and the Senate still hasn’t voted on it. What are we waiting for, Mitch McConnell? We are approaching 130,000 American deaths. Our country needs us to act.


Boom! This right here! HERO! #HERO #HeroesAct https://t.co/orIsB1HXJr

How can we continue to do this type of crap? $700,000,000 for a company worth just 10% of that. Our government is BROKEN, & will soon fall apart https://t.co/xvJyjA6QTR #HeroesAct #DumpTrump2020 via @GoogleNews

Quoted @SpeakerPelosi

As we extend the Paycheck Protection Program to Aug. 8, I continue to call on the Trump Admin to release the data of who has received its benefits. Much more needs to be done. Leader McConnell must end his obstruction & pass the #HeroesAct now. https://t.co/nLWnm997bT

Listen UP @senatemajldr you and 22 @GOP have 123 days until the election. @SpeakerPelosi is right, you really need to pass the #HeroesAct now and cough up some transparency. The public perceive you as contributing to the pain the nation is feeling! https://t.co/txJs7dA8zZ

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