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#FoxNews @SandraSmithFox Sandra Smith is Rude and Nasty! Cannot watch her. What is wrong with you? You interrupt your guest and you are pushing Biden! You suck as a what? News person? I don't believe you are one. Just go to MSNBC or CNN

Dark Templer
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Set up your own business, grow your own food turn off all propaganda & media & televisions. #FoxNews won't discuss NWO, vaccine or #SorosFundedRiots. They are corporations including lately government. Military complex, wars, technocracy, control, depopulation is their endgame.

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David Bossie: Senate Republicans should confirm Trump’s Supreme Court nominee by Election Day https://t.co/642LC6FNme #FoxNews

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#FoxNews analyst slams #Trump for visit to Ginsburg’s casket: ‘Maybe it’s to get the boos’ – Raw Story https://t.co/AvLnAIdbst

Oh my gosh Sandra🤦🏻‍♀️Hello @JHoganGidley gets asked about Breonna Taylor after build up by Sandra @FoxNews on @POTUS receiving an #EmergencyCall & leaving to take call while MSM🗣 of Breonna Each ‘Journo’ skirting KeyQuestion What was emergency 🛑going on #FoxNews HackShow #NoMore

Rob Smith: Black Ky. AG unjustly criticized by Black left for not charging police in Breonna Taylor death https://t.co/WDm0l72rNo #FoxNews

Breonna Taylor protests: Suspect in cop shootings ID’d, Louisville sees nearly 100 arrests after grand jury decision https://t.co/gHnAXuAn7J #FoxNews

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Portland mayor realizes defunding police ‘was a mistake’: cop union leader I hope all the democrat cities wake up to that. https://t.co/gVJ1bgOp2L #wsj #bet #cnn #cnbc #revolt #nytimes #foxnews #huffpost #nbcnews #cbsnews #usatoday #bloomberg #theatlantic #blackenterprise

Louisville protesters grab signs, shields other supplies from U-Haul truck: video https://t.co/IbcmKjPCSb #FoxNews

McConnell calls Schumer 'uniquely non-credible' on judicial norms, Dem leader slams GOP on 'fiction' precedent https://t.co/uSxiwIDKOs #FoxNews

Biden was briefed about son's involvement, according to Hunter Biden Burisma report: Hemingway https://t.co/BZRpM3uoKL #FoxNews

Ben Shapiro: 2020 now a referendum on vengeful Democrats, not controversial Trump https://t.co/PO8Iy0Cy2c #FoxNews

'Cake Boss' star Buddy Valastro impales hand in 'terrible' bowling accident https://t.co/y2ckLK2gEE #FoxNews

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Multiple truckers block traffic & rush to help a solo officer struggling with a suspect That’s how we are supposed to help eachother & have eachothers back. #Backtheblue https://t.co/PI0LXvJV7P

#FoxNews @FoxNews @POTUS https://t.co/IaF3Y0TQSC

Louisville university cancels classes following Breonna Taylor charges, urges students to 'channel your feelings' https://t.co/urQ8ODqtey #FoxNews Systemic Racism is a myth brought up by individuals that are clueless. So quit making it an excuse for your agenda!!!!

Democrats are preparing to cheat big with mail-in ballots: Republicans on North Carolina Board of Elections resign after mail-in ballot changes https://t.co/qL0n9xqpUh #FoxNews

Sandra Smith is a rude, condescending, Trump-hating leftist. I'm done with #FoxNews until 8pm Eastern time.

Biden was briefed about son's involvement, according to Hunter Biden Burisma report: Hemingway https://t.co/P2lTJ9cL6F #FoxNews

Louisville police officers shot amid Breonna Taylor protests; suspect in custody https://t.co/N11arbmuyI #FoxNews

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