Can somebody, anybody please teach this terrible #MNF announcer crew the sweet science of saying only just enough to get your point across! #MondayNightFootball #FootballKnowledge #espnsucks #espn https://t.co/Hw7uOx8VPh

2020 is confusing, but meeting your financial goals can be a little easier thanks to @BankofAmerica #BetterMoneyHabits. Check out this video for financial guidance in this new normal.

I don't see players trying to strip the ball away. Did they change the rules that cover fumbles? #football #FootballKnowledge

The @Eagles #Eaglestwitter are lucky to have @Jennwilliams23 - she's made every game more enjoyable and is a great follow. #FlyEaglesFly #NFL #jerseygiveaways #footballknowledge #humor

Tied for the 3rd place in this decade’s franchise history for October after tying the left shoe first while his brother holds the 2nd place in touchbacks and ham sandwiches The stats these commentators come up with are just getting ridiculous #FootballKnowledge

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@ColinCowherd Really put yourself out there with that one. I called it before the NFL season, the Chiefs will be pretty good. #FootballKnowledge

#football #FootballKnowledge #soccer #SoccerSaturday Football brings the best and the worst out of everyone, mostly the ones on the pitch. We will look at the 5 incidents which resulted in red cards after the final whistle: https://t.co/hpZTY43Mvn

Quoted @ColinCowherd

I called it before the season — Alabama would be pretty good. #FootballKnowledge

But did anyone call my hogs being a powerhouse before the season? That would take real #FootballKnowledge Shoulda known with Samuel M in town things were gonna be different! No more Chode Morris! https://t.co/YlzF0e8f1q

@ColinCowherd What were your takes about the Patriots and the Steelers before the season again? #FootballKnowledge not that much.

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