Explore ancient caverns and dungeons filled with traps. Help our hero to prevail against all odds! ⚔ ✅ Add to your wishlist https://t.co/b4DP16D1vI https://t.co/mUIT2Dudjq

If you're uncomfortable watching #Debates2020, then I would recommend watching #WhoseVoteCounts, #Explained on @netflix (unless you are protesting the French film "Cuties", which is not as uncomfortable as the debate). @voxdotcom #NetflixAndChill #Vote https://t.co/u5iBQvl002

เพิ่งดู #WhoseVoteCounts สารคดีชุดใหม่ของ #explained เรื่องการเลือกตั้งอเมริกา ความรู้ใหม่เยอะเลย สนุกดี และเพิ่งรู้ว่าตอนแรกลีโอนาโด ดิคาปริโอพากย์เสียงด้วย

#Explained: With another phase of Unlock guidelines expected for October, we explain the importance of Mumbai’s suburban train system and the reasons why there is a growing demand for resumption of its normal services. @ieexplained https://t.co/ehP2Co252J

Oh shit @CoolMomCourtG new mini series of #explained on @Netflix_CA - how pumpeddd are you?!?

2 days ago

#Explained serisinin müziğini bile özlemişim. #WhoseVoteCounts

2 days ago

@StephenKing Easy I tell them half the country are adulterers, draft dodger is a lie, everyone lies including Stephen King like in this tweet and he is not a tax cheat using the tax code correctly is not “cheating” #Explained

@voxdotcom and @Netflix's new #Explained series about voting is now streaming ahead of tomorrow's #PresidentialDebate and next Wednesday's #VicePresidentialDebate. At first glimpse, this is another crucially important content to watch before voting. #Vote https://t.co/u5iBQvl002

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