@JoshConstine @vidythatte representing the ingenuity of immigrants. #AmericanDream #excitedinvestor

Quoted @MyWithClarity

Startup taking the stress out of engagement ring shopping https://t.co/v4DaAxWyDU

Our portfolio company @MyWithClarity on @MariaBartiromo's show. Amazing team and product! #ExcitedInvestor https://t.co/3bLLRA0x18

Can't wait for the epic #AR battles with these incredible creatures! #ExcitedInvestor https://t.co/M1VhXs9YpP

Signed up for @AugmentorsGame Alpha yet? Get ready for epic #AR battling! #ExcitedInvestor https://t.co/6MO1CE1QV9

Great to read about @bunker_ex's launch in @TechCrunch today @ihemnani 👏 #excitedinvestor 🛳️⚓️🚢 https://t.co/tHGt7p05QF @sohear

How a Human-Machine Mind-Meld Could Make Robots Smarter - MIT Tech Review #excitedinvestor this is super cool 💩 https://t.co/FHOrWNB7fU

Free cocktails in NYC (and eventually every major city in the world)? Join the club. #excitedinvestor https://t.co/e5ECyv3eLd

The BBC #microbit launches today, distributed to 1m kids & designed by our friends @Techwillsaveus. http://t.co/4X6H9VTVAV #excitedinvestor

5 years ago

Been following @lancewiggs for a long time now, and huge confidence in @punakaikifund and their longer term pursuits. #excitedinvestor

So many cool options to back in #IoT on #Kickstarter #excitedInvestor

Bill Tai
8 years ago

ShoesofPrey on Top Model #ExcitedInvestor RT @shoesofprey: It's official: we're set to make our Next Top Model debut! http://t.co/zTT53nE6

Oh damn. If you could see the @minomonsters demo I'm playing with right now... http://t.co/rSSNNDZ7 #excitedinvestor

market down .. RIM stock and my dick both are up tho ! .. #excitedinvestor

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