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Unlike Cindy McCain and Jeff Flake, Gov. Doug Ducey supported Trump in 2020. So why was he censured by the AZ GOP? Because he certified the election results. Because he followed the law. Because he didn’t join in a plot to overturn Arizonans’ votes. Because he defended democracy.

#ElectionResults2020 https://t.co/106jf65n6J

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198/x... to bring thee unto heaven. MephePutines: Rather illusions, fruits of lunacy That makes men foolish that do trust them most. (Kim #Kardashians face floats across stage) #Trump: Was this the face that launched 1000 drones? Sweet Kim, make my power eternal with a kiss. https://t.co/X4qadB452y

199/x #GOP & media enablers are now in a #PostTruth world. Their 2024 Candidate will v likely offer USA the chance to live in an elected dictatorship. It's 'the death of shame'; GOP have shown no sign of good faith / having a conscience re overturning #electionresults2020. #trump https://t.co/bIL9dDKU3Q

"Ladies and gentlemen, the #President of the United States." "My fellow Americans..." "He's been sick." #JoeBiden #ElectionResults2020 #ElectionIntegrity https://t.co/ejW9YXlsEs

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