@kyhighh Typed in 333 & around the World EVERY CITY COUNTRY HAS 333 “new cases” of COVID today‼️ @SenateGOP @GOP @GOPChairwoman @HouseGOP @SenTedCruz Were Warned last year about the INTERNET #Terrorist g👀👀👀gle‼️ #DrRobertEpstein @francesco1221 on #Vimeo https://t.co/6hNdEkRR2d

Quoted @V_Strk7

@afbranco Find a different platform. It’s a free market.

There's nothing free about these giant corporations conspiring in an effort to suppress individual liberties and Free Speech. By the way, their aim also appears to evince plans to interfere with, upcoming and past, elections. #DrRobertEpstein #CriminalCartels https://t.co/KHh2MRYr4Z

@Military4Trump @RealJamesWoods @WarRoomPandemic @JasonMillerinDC @RaheemKassam @JackMaxey1 @TuckerCarlson @marklevinshow Tks @SenTedCruz & #DrRobertEpstein 👉 Silicon Valley Vote Rigging @GOPChairwoman must focus on this! +👉👉 Zuckerberg wife is #CCP #CrushCCP ++👉👉Don’t forget the illegal votes

YES! Watching #TuckerCarlson now with #DrRobertEpstein... Yes, test everyone in America to find the "Asymptomatic" carriers of the #CoronavirusUSA. Then have those people #SelfQuarantine until vaccine is created. Then re-open the country... @TuckerCarlson @RealJamesWoods https://t.co/oSyS58jukp

Kevin G
3 months ago

@realDonaldTrump what do you think of #DrRobertEpstein on #Tucker tonite?

@GlennBeck did you read @DrREpstein's solution? #coronavirus tests for every American? Those that have it "penalized with fines or even jail?" #GlennBeck takes this seriously? #DrRobertEpstein's solution could actually spread the virus more & cause societal chaos! #StopTheSpread

@POTUS- We support you! PLEASE read #DrRobertEpstein report #HowtoStopTheVirus.com. His solution is doable, economic, and would make you the hero of the US AND the ENTIRE WORLD.

URGENT: https://t.co/R2m0zSUYDo, PLEASE tweet and send by every social media you can after reading this 2 page solution to the Covid-19 crisis by #DrRobertEpstein AND contact your #SENATORS and #HouseofRepresentatives. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Google Whistleblower and Hillary Clinton Critic Dr. Robert Epstein Suggests Wife's Fatal Car Crash Not an Accident, 'I'm Not Suicidal, Hear That, Hillary?' #ClintonFoundation #DrRobertEpstein #ClintonBodyCount https://t.co/jqCpSHA2Kc via @gatewaypundit

Top Google Whistleblower #DrRobertEpstein's Wife Dies In Tragic Car Crash https://t.co/PqCacqKbaK

Norm Davis
6 months ago

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.@Jack Dorsey, we have another question. Is the Twitter Algorithms set to make sure that our post only get an average of 1-2 re-tweets to every 3-4 likes? Just trying to figure out why is Twitter targeting us and deliberately restricting the number of Re-Tweets on our posts! https://t.co/BzGXzaF75t

You're asking as if you don't know the answer. @Alphabetinc aka @Google, @YouTube etc. are much worse but they're all on the same criminal #1A abuse path to derail any US conservative cultural value. All their ill motives have been exposed. @Project_Veritas #DrRobertEpstein etc. https://t.co/WEwqL2YgnL

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