#DemsRDestroyingAmerica Just the Fact that they are backing Sleeping Joe for The President in itself is Scary enough!! What is Wrong with Dems these Days? Wake Up America B4 it’s too late!!!

Immigration Chief Snaps Back as Wasserman Schultz Cries 'White Supremacy' https://t.co/w96cFCCrDF Enter US legally! Another fine reason why ALL American citizens should vote Republican. #DemsRDestroyingAmerica

9 months ago

@thebradfordfile Because the media is dishonest, they’re corrupt. They themselves COLLUDED with Clinton to assist her campaign. #DemsRDestroyingAmerica #DemsHaveTDS #KAG2020

9 months ago

@rww_gop NO ONE IN THEIR RIGHT MIND THINKS FOR A SECOND THAT DEMOCRATS WILL BE TRULY FAIR TO THIS PRESIDENT. They already tried, prosecuted & convicted Trump before he was even Inaugurated. #StopTheMadness #DrainTheSwamp #DemsRDestroyingAmerica

@jimw19904 @Dazie13 @RepJerryNadler @realDonaldTrump He has someone running against him so he is grandstanding on taxpayers dime in the meantime doing nothing for his constituents ‼️#WakeUp #WalkAwayFromDemocrats #DemsRDestroyingAmerica

@RealSaavedra @RepAOC ...honestly these conversations that these idiot libs are having ALL the time on how racist basically ALL white people are is beyond tiresome and frankly no one cares anymore because they are a joke.. #DemsRDestroyingAmerica

a year ago

Feeling blue? Oregon students can take 'mental health days' https://t.co/Lo2Rcok6Ah via @KIRO7Seattle - WTH No wonder we have spoken many snowflakes. #DemsRDestroyingAmerica #LiberalismIsAMentalDisorder #Trump2020Landslide

Quoted @NevadaCurrent

Nevada restores voting rights to formerly incarcerated https://t.co/i3B8kPMY5F via @NevadaCurrent

Dems need all the help they can get: ILLEGAL ALIENS, CRIMINALS, DEAD PEOPLE. Can a DUM ever be trusted? NO. All they care about is filling up the voting booths and falsely accusing Trump of anything they can dream up. #DemsRDestroyingAmerica https://t.co/HDN3Gwivc2

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