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@esaagar Bwahahahah... hypocrites! -> #DemocratsAreCorrupt #trumpisbriliant!

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@anonpatriotq @shawnt1973 Or like just this one senator with net worth of $100+million and gets A REFUND every year https://t.co/eKLEThwqlJ Wonder how many others get refunds or wonderful "loopholes" DC is corrupt

#DemocratsAreCorrupt https://t.co/UglSAm95Xb

@realDonaldTrump And there is Twitter with a link to on how there are no issues with mail in ballots. The process and systems in place to prevent mail in voter fraud and ballot harvesting cannot be trusted. Democrats are experts at voter fraud and manipulation. #DemocratsAreCorrupt

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The situation outside the Trump rally in Minnesota is quickly deteriorating Left wing protestors are destroying barricades A protestor can be seen waving the Chinese flag in front of riot police. While people in Hong Kong wave American flags for freedom, we wave Chinese flags https://t.co/XVl551kyqZ

#DemocraticParty green lights their radical #Antifa and #Marxist elements to commit violence against #Trump supporters at #TrumpRally...Protect yourselves folks! https://t.co/7jwZZAaenF #Democrats #MAGA #TrumpRallyMN #LiberalHypocrisy #Trump2020Landslide #DemocratsAreCorrupt

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From the beginning, Trump knew how deadly coronavirus was—but he lied to the American people about the threat it posed. As a result, America now has more than 7 million cases. Over 204,000 people have died. We need a president who will take this virus seriously—that’s @JoeBiden.

Yes, we a president who takes the coronavirus pandemic seriously. Not with Joe Biden. We need better leadership who isn’t beholden to the healthcare industry. #DemocratsAreADisgrace #DemocratsAreCorrupt https://t.co/IP5JDiCc6L

I remember #NancyPelosi, telling America that they had to vote for #ObamaCare so we could find out what's in it. That wasn't representation that was tyranny. #DemocratsAreCorrupt #DemocratsTheEnemyWithin

WOW! Not really surprised though. #DemocratsAreCorrupt #TrumpLandslideVictory2020 BOOM! 3 House Judiciary Dems Hit with Corruption Charges https://t.co/yQweFgZMIL

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Every one of these people hate(d) Donald Trump. That alone is reason enough to vote for him this November. Again!!! #Trump2020 https://t.co/Bpg8wC0BuX

Every one of these people hate(d) Donald Trump. That alone is reason enough to vote for him this November. Again!!! #Trump2020 https://t.co/Bpg8wC0BuX

The Bushes and the #ClintonCrimeFamily look pretty chummy and familiar with one another. 🤔 And what’s up with LARGE one on the far right? 😂What a BEAST. @MichelleObama #DemocratsAreCorrupt https://t.co/XtztZ2b0Tt

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@kingliban1 time for a plea deal. if you value the size of your anal orifice at all you'll work with the feds and @JamesOKeefeIII to help take down @ilhanMN and hold her accountable. #treason #omar #BallotHarvesting #draintheswamp #DemocratsAreADisgrace #DemocratsAreCorrupt

@SpeakerPelosi It is a sign of disdain for working families that YOU, @SpeakerPelosi & the @DNC are opting for programs rewarding Blue Cities for allowing riots to rage vs providing INDIVIDUALS with aid. You have to initiate spending & now you're AWOL, This is on the #DNC. #DemocratsAreCorrupt

@ResistBigly @JohnWHuber Hunter’s not, but her nepotistic father is. #WheresHunter? #DemocratsAreCorrupt

WTF is going on?? The left is flailing, attacking Barron Trump on a Monday morning?? They are like slugs in salt! #DemocratsAreCorrupt #Democrats #DemocratsHateAmerica #LiberalismIsTheRealPandemic #IlhanOmarVoterFraud https://t.co/aBZkA67ptG

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Trump has had financial records leaked to the press, secretly recorded conversations leaked to the press, and many officials who worked inside the White House have written tell all books. And yet through all of that, no crime or actual serious scandal has been uncovered.

Absolute incredible self owns by #Democrats. All they have proven is @realDonaldTrump is the cleanest man in D.C. #TrumpTaxReturns #TrumpTaxes #DemocratsAreCorrupt #DemocratsCheat #DemocratsAreADisgrace #DemocratsAreDomesticTerrorists #DemocratsAreMarxistsDestroyingAmerica https://t.co/CAhh4V76ra

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