Gentle reminder that #cummingsmustresign

@remittancegirl @Maureenffm Doesn’t Dom’s GPS record confirm unpublicised trips to see his folks in #Lockdown (staying in the annex without planning consent?) UCL might have uncovered? #CummingsMustResign

“Cummings effect” is real. UCL survey of 40,000 published in the Lancet. The research found a significant decrease in public confidence in the govt after Cummings travelled 264 miles to Durham. People are dying! #CummingsMustResign https://t.co/uXMuQhQesO

I’m in, are you?

#ThreePointFivePercent https://t.co/KHaiencgOv

#ThreePointFivePercent of the population. That's all we need to put a stop to this Govt! Can we do it? Chalk 3.5% signs appearing all over the country already. #StopBrexitSaveUK #LiarJohnson is a liability. #CummingsMustResign https://t.co/g4ayNjmtgS

No evidence of Russian interference in the Brexit vote? What about Agent Cummings KGB? It’s right in front of everyone. #CummingsMustResign #ToriesOut #RussianReport #whereisMI5

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England’s chief nurse was dropped from Covid-19 briefing after refusing to back Cummings Ruth May tells MPs she was told she was no longer needed after failing to back Johnson’s adviser https://t.co/hVJuA36295

Evil Tory’s at it again. This is no longer a democratic institution it’s a Cummings dictatorship where experts are pushed aside when they no longer fit the regime. Absolutely disgusting! #CummingsMustResign #BorisHasFailedTheUK #BorisMustGo https://t.co/2VnfP4jQjO

@BorisJohnson Tick tock you lazy useless t**t. Hopefully Cummings and you are in prison soon. #RussiaReport #CummingsMustResign

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Actual footage of MP Mark Francois signing his own death warrant by ’Cheeking’ General Sir Nicholas Carter, MF actually threatens the head of the UK armed forces with Dominic Cummings. #MarkFrancois https://t.co/6RyVKMgAUo

Threatening the Head of UK Armed Forces with the wrath of an UNELECTED government advisor Surely this can’t be right? #ToryShambles #ToryCorruption #CummingsMustResign https://t.co/nIzVBTETwf

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Spain's large-scale study on the coronavirus indicates just 5% of its population has developed antibodies, strengthening evidence that a so-called herd immunity to Covid-19 is "unachievable," the medical journal the Lancet reported https://t.co/MNVkVFkwC3

Looks like #Johnson & #CummingsMustResign got that completely wrong. Not quite as clever as they thought! Super forecasting my arse! 😃 https://t.co/gqqaLrGGl9

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Retweet if you haven’t forgotten about Dominic Cummings and still think he should resign.

#BorisHasFailedTheNation #borishasfailedtheuk #borisvoteofnoconfidence #CummingsMustResign https://t.co/eHaVVabjOl

4 months ago

Quoted @ChrisMasonBBC

Prime Minister: “I am delighted to appoint David Frost as my next National Security Adviser. He is an experienced diplomat, policy thinker, and proven negotiator, with a strong belief in building Britain’s place in the world."

I assume @BorisJohnson that Dom has given you the nod of approval - or is he at the optician, finally getting his eyes tested? #cummingsmustresign https://t.co/h8K3nHncbM

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