Seriously- has there been any sighting of Hunter Biden anywhere? @TMZ @HarveyLevinTMZ #CrookedJoeBiden #HunterBidensUkraineScandal

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8 months ago. @BretBaier where was the reporting by you and @FoxNews? Now you’re reporting like it’s new news. https://t.co/LU2l461vP7 #CrookedJoeBiden #CrookedBidenFamily #WheresHunter #Ukraine #China #Burisma

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Hunter Biden-linked companies took millions in bailout loans, taxpayer funds | Just The News https://t.co/jwlZjd5WUO

#CrookedJoeBiden https://t.co/aBHHbrU1Fv

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I never ask direct favors of my followers, but would every one of you watch this brief video to the end, please? https://t.co/pGeXCownog

#CrookedJoeBiden https://t.co/EBnn7anJ5Q

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The two coronavirus vaccines are among several candidates in final-stage testing, the last step before seeking regulatory approval. https://t.co/1siBVgrl2O

#CrookedJoeBiden https://t.co/B1MDhSl5zB

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@FinancialTimes Easy to do when you are a corporate shill and open to foreign corruption. #CrookedJoeBiden

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BREAKING: War Room Releases Email on CCP "Loans" To Hunter Biden and Eric Schwerin Worth Millions -- Hid From IRS and SEC? via @gatewaypundit https://t.co/cVnyweU64A

#CrookedJoeBiden https://t.co/1YTWu7s1ta

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let me rank his responses 1) no wrongdoing (son got rich internationally w no experience) 2)smear campaign by Trump and Putin! 3) never talked about it w Hunter (footage showing 3 of them playing 18 ⛳️) This guy is corrupt and incapable of serving if u put this dope in the WH https://t.co/EeRYgPpWxj

#WakeUpAmerica #CrookedJoeBiden #Elections2020 #ElectionDay #Vote https://t.co/CeBCnupIxG

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EVERY AMERICAN NEEDS TO WATCH THIS! 🇺🇸 @RudyGiuliani Thank you! https://t.co/sGei9V9FGu

Watch this! Thank you @RudyGiuliani #CrookedJoeBiden https://t.co/PqsOoGYpNF

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