IMO, one of the few people benefitting from #Covid19UK is David Icke. Spreading lies and misinformation will only increase the body count.

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David Icke and Piers Corbyn are among them! OMG, what a lot of loonies. Maskless protesters cram into Trafalgar Square in anti-lockdown action https://t.co/x5uz4bGP0D

Looki at that #Covid19uk placard (left), comparing the virus to a Mogwai at 9.59pm and a Gremlin at 10.01pm And that's the problem with Jingo Johnson - his stupid rules makes it look like we responsible maskers are aligned with #NoMasks-wearing #Covidiots #BBCnews #ITVnews #LBC https://t.co/TFDXqgmq5N

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There has always been a socioeconomic gradient to ICU admissions, but that is even more stark here than was seen in the first wave. Four out of ten admissions in September are from the most deprived fifth of the country. 9/14

#Covid19UK https://t.co/LoxGw6JnSi

A doctor and ambulance staff had to come to take my Mum to hospital today. They were brilliant. But the ‘protective’ PPE they had on as they came into her home was PATHETIC. We have got to do better than this. #Covid19UK

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@Just_Plain_D @BreesAnna The problem is the scientific advisors @BorisJohnson has surrounding him #Covid19UK

#Covid19UK Just had an outlook Calendar reminder pop up on my PC TOMORROW ON SUNDAY 27th September 2020 The WORLD exceeds ONE MILLION DEATHS from Covid19 One Million souls take by this Virus across the Globe. @devisridhar @DrEricDing @PeterHotez 1/5th in the USA alone

The #TrafalgerSquare thread is an excellent opportunity to identify and block foil hat wearers and lizard botherers. Don't respond or interact with them. Don't argue or give their on brand stupidity air time. Block and move on. #CovidUK #Covid19UK #TrafalgarSquare

Not sure that this is right. Police/security should not be guarding the doors to buildings to prevent people from leaving - the UK is not a police state #covid19uk BBC News - Coronavirus: Students 'scared and confused' as halls lock down https://t.co/UdH3BnmJDz

I've used the @NHSCOVID19app today. Checked in to the venue without any problems. If everybody uses it, tracing should go smoothly. #Covid19UK

I don't like to wish bad of anyone but these tw@ts need to realise the seriousness of their actions and how stupid they sound and they will only realise once they get it or lose someone close. The naivety of it all really f!!cks me off!! #COVIDIOTS #Covid19UK

Its no wonder some people want a lockdown, some people think covid has killed more than 51 Percent of the population. #COVIDIOTS #Covid19UK #coronavirus #coronavirusuk https://t.co/3PoSsgsPbs https://t.co/eREg1nL0Tc

Its no wonder some people want a lockdown, some people think covid has killed more than 51 Percent of the population. #COVIDIOTS #Covid19UK #coronavirus #coronavirusuk https://t.co/3PoSsgsPbs https://t.co/eREg1nL0Tc

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Before he was arrested Dr Heiko Schoning today... https://t.co/RjhlHPqJW1

Dr Schoning was arrested ! @Charlotte3003G @NeilClark66 @NikolovScience @21WIRE #Covid19UK https://t.co/3QX7Scr6Lb

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Brand new fabric patterns available on the store, £5 off mask shipping with the code on the listing too!! We now have unicorns and dinosaur fabric, along with limited marvel, Halloween and my little pony! https://t.co/z6GaR2Li6O #COVID19 #MasksSaveLives

Still selling Masks, solid colours available too though for now you’ll need to DM me about orders. Listing for those going live this week £7.50 per mask with shipping (£5 off shipping voucher still valid) #COVIDー19 #Covid19UK #MasksSaveLives #handmade https://t.co/RnXNhAcsVR

"Covid: Clashes as police shut down protest over new rules" Yet the #BLM protests during the height of the pandemic thus far were allowed to occur over multiple weekends A lack of consistency will only add to the frustration of the population #Covid19UK https://t.co/SIjVECXJJr

I was at Trafalgar Square protest today. It was peaceful but the police rushed in knocking people over. #TrafalgarSquare #Trafalgar #protests2020 #London #Covid19UK #protest #COVID1984 #covid1984

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Pubs trying to kick out before #BurnleyFC #SouthamptonFC even finished. 🤦🏼‍♂️ #Covid19UK #PremierLeague

I see the students are complaining about having to do their own washing for two weeks #Covid19UK #studentlockdown

Ashley Cooper
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@MattHancock 98.54 % survival rate, surely this money could be better spent!!! Just more lies the government tells us #Covid19UK

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