My cover on #countonme #countonmechallenge by @ychinz_ifeanyi _______ Help repost, comment, like and Tag @ychinz_ifeanyi @ NBS https://t.co/frQ7cbN71b

See this Instagram video by @cecewinans https://t.co/xhYkKRVzmx With all the uncertainty in the world, we need to come together and help each other! Please consider being a part of the #CountOnMeChallenge. For more details visit https://t.co/vax5eBa4Yq.

My entry to #countonme #countonmechallenge @ychinz_ifeanyi cover by @cutymanoficial @oarhirecords please comment @ychinz_ifeanyi and @oarhirecords and share till I get reposted thank you.. https://t.co/z0F0peZScg

Hier nog de site waar ik het vanochtend op Radio 5 over had: de verzamelplaats voor getuigenissen voor de #countonmechallenge van @cecewinans: https://t.co/TY3idEOFP7.

Always count on JESUS! He sticks closer than any friend you’ll ever know. . . #CountOnMeChallenge #CountOnJesus https://t.co/mRRCBN77Bl

I am joining the #countonmechallenge really late cos I was recovering from vocal surgery and was not singing much but I could not pass up the opportunity to be part of something that @cecewinans was doing. She has… https://t.co/RiPuGXISO8

@cecewinans My kids and I have been singing together and individually throughout our community. This song represents love for us! #CountOnMeChallenge https://t.co/vyUTFMk5BD

#countonmechallenge Let's look our for one another in these times❤ I nominate @iyamah09 @_Asthetic_toine @EbiAshidi @mokungah_pamela https://t.co/zGsaYRgHQq

On this #MusicMonday we recognize that true friendship transcends social distancing. Share this video with your friends today😀. We do not own rights to this music.https://t.co/QCQsIxMs4M #countonmechallenge #whitneyhouston #cecewinans #CGP

Who doesn't love a good ole challenge? And who doesn't love @cecewinans? I was a lil' kid when this song came out but it always made me stop in front of the TV when it came on. #cecewinans #countonme #countonmechallenge #corovavirus https://t.co/LwLiMpahtp

@TamarBraxtonHer, can we get you in on the #countonmechallenge ?!

Quoted @whudat

Tyler Perry paid the grocery bills for all shoppers during senior hour Wednesday morning at 44 Kroger supermarkets in metro Atlanta and 29 Winn-Dixies in his hometown of New Orleans. 👏👏👏 #Coronavirus #Covid19 https://t.co/uQzkEm4rVy

#countonmechallenge #CelebEst https://t.co/vVRBMXrxOz

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