@NoelGallagher @vanmorrison are you going to #clapfortheNHS when they're overwhelmed with covid cases in the coming weeks and months. As influencers, why don't you use your influence to encourage people to distance and be safe?

@TheMendozaWoman @BenJolly9 You’ll be at the #ClapForCarers #ClapForTheNHS level soon enough. 🙄

@NHS #ThrowbackThursday #thursdaycheer #clapforthenhs TB to when it was #nhsbirthday & we were all meant to come out at 5:00 & cheer for @NHSuk but nobody in my neighbourhood did except for me😂 🏥👏 https://t.co/oLTj5ZcpKc

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TELEGRAPH: Hospitals told to clear beds for Covid spike in two weeks #TomorrowsPapersToday https://t.co/2pwtztL0gh

TELEGRAPH: Hospitals told to clear beds for Covid spike in two weeks #TomorrowsPapersToday https://t.co/2pwtztL0gh

Great. I miss the #clapforthenhs and dance video routine videos https://t.co/GwjSs95IVx

Four weeks into @TheVirtualPubQ1 our neighbour told us about #jaysvirtualpubquiz at the end of #clapfortheNHS We’ve played ever since !

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@MattHancock Don’t be cross they had to find something to do for 6 months. 🤷‍♀️ https://t.co/Tj3XyRx603

#clapforthenhs fucking wankers https://t.co/Bnz9GfB5h8

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@AletaMorgan https://t.co/cinQCKPQz5 SO once the Torys allow for profit healthcare to manage 'NHS' plans watch your single payer go poof. You better fight.

@NHSMillion All of the people that #clapforourcarers #clapfortheNHS I hope you will fight those who would want to privatise our healthcare. https://t.co/Hbup4c87wd

We all owe @NHS staff a huge debt of gratitude, for putting themselves in harms way during the #pandemic & in normal times. They deserve a better pay deal. I’d #clapfortheNHS for that. ‘We're on our knees' - NHS critical care nurse https://t.co/e4uBBD4xZV

Does anyone know when #clapforthenhs restarts? #askingforanurseandadoctor

Post-COVID UK will require acute conservatism. This #ClapForTheNHS crap will need ended, someone must address the waste. We simply cannot allow grandkids to pay for the folly of 2020, whilst we let charlatans piss our taxes up the wall on art collections & diversity co-ordinators

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A hospital has “apologised unreservedly” to the families of more than 30 patients who died after contracting Covid-19 https://t.co/G99YkGzCOD

So while we were protecting the NHS, the NHS were killing us off. Predictable. #clapfortheNHS https://t.co/xnEnrRULPX

NHS generic drug manufacture, Free Broadband, proper funding for the NHS, end child poverty, end homelessness, re-nationalise the railways… nah..totally unrealistic ..how you gonna pay for it..you can’t trust #Corbyn #getbrexitdone and #clapfortheNHS

@toadmeister @ONS They're doing what all good citizens must do which is to protect the NHS from having to do what we pay it £150 billion a year to do. Like duh Toadie. #clapfortheNHS

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Heart attack deaths up 50% during lockdown, deaths caused by high blood pressure rose by a third and diabetes by a quarter among under 65s, same trend in deaths from cardiac arrhythmias. https://t.co/N7kWK85Gjm

#ClapForTheNHS. https://t.co/cJp0NepOBN

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Number of gonorrhoea cases highest since records began https://t.co/nYnMJYErDv

#ClapForTheNHS https://t.co/LETyOpJTfO

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