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Birthday wishes to Shri @AmitShah Ji. Our nation is witnessing the dedication and excellence with which he is contributing towards India’s progress. His efforts to make BJP stronger are also noteworthy. May God bless him with a long and healthy life in service of India.

He is contributing lot’s to the country particularly Handling of #ChineseVirus in India HE HIMSELF SUFFERED TWICE/ WE WILL PREY FOR HIS GOOD HEALTH 🇮🇳HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🎂 🍰 🎁 https://t.co/kDPJVW7jUf

@saliltripathi Sir #ChineseVirus is much stronger in US. Please stay safe!

@SaintRPh @realDonaldTrump didn't bend to #ChineseVirus rather he fought & defeated it. China killed thousands of Americans but not one Democrat had the guts except for Republican Trump to call them out & say that they China is responsible. He will sue them for a $ Trillion in damages.

@saliltripathi Sir, understands that there is an impact of #ChineseVirus even if you choose to forget it.

@globaltimesnews @LowyInstitute 1ST CHINA LOST WAR WITH SMALL COUNTRIES .. SO GET LOST.. 2ND #ChineseVirus #ChinaLiePeopleDie

@MehtaRashim Almost all of them...They are stocking up and stocking huge. Defies logic as Commodities likely to remain in range at worst with this #ChineseVirus induced recession is deep and uniform across the world

#ChineseVirus #ChinaVirus #China EXCLUSIVE| We have no doubt COVID-19 originated in China: Taiwan`s Foreign Minister Joseph Wu , World News | https://t.co/a2n7CcHjYn https://t.co/zxtoEWjV1m

@globaltimesnews The Editor's fear is right. It is not 1962 🇨🇳 #Black_Top 🇮🇳 #GalwanValley #Taiwan #ChineseVirus

@Astro_Healer_Sh May she slay the demon of #ChineseVirus and demons like #China

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Key point here: Hydroxychloroquine and other medicines are better than potential vaccine candidates at this moment. BTW, why can’t it be retweeted without comments? https://t.co/l4s7lTvXKV

#COVID19 #ChineseVirus #武漢肺炎 https://t.co/qpdkeza8dY

Even on the remote Faroe Islands (pop: ~55,000), the #ChineseVirus (#WuhanVirus) has infected 448 people as of today. History will call this massive mess as a "Chinese mess" or "China's mess"! #ChinaMustPay #BoycottChina! #BoycottChineseProducts!

@shen_shiwei You will distribute a fake vaccine that will instead infect people with the #ChineseVirus.

Quoted @benshapiro

This tweet is absolutely misleading. The volunteer was in the CONTROL GROUP. https://t.co/m9ur38xD7J

#vaxxdamage #batvirus #ChineseVirus https://t.co/XHpq1tZhaA

@globaltimesnews Is there anything that you Chinese dont copy. Oh wait, #ChineseVirus is indigenous.

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