@toates_19 It is medicine in its purest state. The jobs in internal medicine are often medicine in its toughest state though #changeisneeded

2020 is confusing, but meeting your financial goals can be a little easier thanks to @BankofAmerica #BetterMoneyHabits. Check out this video for financial guidance in this new normal.

I’ll 💯 take the wrap for this .. but that ain’t good enough, defo problems behind the scenes .. a couple of quality goals, but pathetic at the back, & too many empty jerseys in the creative areas #changeisneeded 🍀🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

Quoted @realDonaldTrump

So important to VOTE for Republicans in the House. Break away from Pelosi and her high Taxing new Radical Left friends. Protect your 2nd Amendment, Military, Vets, and sooo much more!

#Amen..... #ChangeIsNeeded https://t.co/fuNQi07JdC

The Love - Black Eyed Peas and Jennifer Hudson https://t.co/f8EV1l4cVU via @YouTube not only relevant for the US - where is the LOVE gone???? that's really the question.... #love #changeisneeded #againstracism

read this - thought it deserved retweeting. same goes for a constitution- or any relationship. “Every single human system from socialism to monarchies needs to be reformed on a regular ongoing basis.” #changeisnatural #changeisneeded

I last spoke v. BxB at planning committee for just over 1m re absurd development in Shrublands Estate. Scott & minions vivid in my mind. Estate buildings are in dire need of overhauling. Residents' pleas are ignored. #changeisneeded NOW @HamidaAli76 https://t.co/9JS8TIiZDg

Im tom rogics biggest critic on here, hes the most gifted player in our aqaud bit in the past 2 seasons hasnt done enough in my opinion..but ill gladly eat my words and have him start tomorrow and if he scores ill donate £50 to a mental health charity #changeisneeded

Quoted @JoeBiden

Violence against transgender and gender non-conforming people — particularly Black and Brown transgender women — is an epidemic that needs national leadership. But Donald Trump has done nothing but fan the flames of transphobia. It has to end. https://t.co/v2DAbcIcCv

THANK YOU For This!! #ChangeIsNeeded #MoreOfThis https://t.co/1NzXSY78Qi

I’m a PhD student who wants to listen to people about their experiences of weight while having children. Tell me your stories! I think it’s so important we stop being silent about this stuff. #obstetricweightmanagement #maternalhealth #storytelling #changeisneeded #phdchat

With all these local councils moving to provide free meals for kids and both wales and Scotland also doing the same it makes you wonder who Westminster actually represents? Surely children's health comes before a payrise for MP's?#Changeisneeded

@piersmorgan @MarcusRashford It's fantastic what @MarcusRashford is achieving, however I feel the Gov are again getting away with having to take basic responsibility to serve and protect people of the nation and relying on the good will of people to do their job! #changeisneeded

@warrenleightTV Doing my part #vote #changeisneeded 🤘🏼

@abc7newsbayarea Not the tad better behaved, BUT lied even more DT... you can’t lie to the public and not expect us to fact check you! #vote #changeisneeded #BidenHarris2020

Quoted @therecount

Trump: "I could raise so much more money, as president and as someone who knows most of those people [on Wall Street] ... but I don't wanna do that ... You're the one that takes the money from Wall Street, not me. I could blow away your records." https://t.co/OvZqUyp8gL

What the fuck! There are people that believe this horse shit! #ImOneHundredPercentSureThat #accountability #changeisneeded #VoteBidenHarris #TrumpIsANationalDisgrace #TrumpLiesEverytimeHeSpeaks https://t.co/GcrXe8vVJn

السعادة قرار وليست فرصة ، والحرية عمر وليست لحظة، والتفرد طريق طويل لا غاية ، فلنغير مفاهيمنا 🕊🌴#changeisneeded #IfNotNowWhen

I think guinea is one of the few countries where your childhood memories/lifestyle are way better than today's life .. #Guineevote #224Souvenirs #ChangeIsNeeded

Quoted @Siva_Kartikeyan

Happy to release the promo of #VallamaiTharayo - https://t.co/XBqkcKYOtC India's 1st #DigitalDailySeries from the house of #VikatanTelevistas & @motion_content  From Oct 26th, Mon-Fri 7PM only on ViktanTV YouTube channel Wishing the entire team the very best 👍 @vikatan

It’s terrific to see a hallowed name like Vikatam embracing new age media. Change is inevitable. #changeisneeded https://t.co/oiAB6ZexYP

Just 2 individual qualifiers from the 4A girls meet in Council Bluffs. #changeisneeded #iahsxc

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