@mdnij34 #BunkerBoy fits the mold. Big mouth big belly

Quoted @kylegriffin1

FBI Director Wray: "A majority of the domestic terrorism cases we've investigated are motivated by some version of what you might call white supremacist violence." https://t.co/AEOjYfReGP

#BunkerBoy won't listen to his own @FBI Dirctor. I'm sure Wray knows who the Proud Boys are . So doesn't #BunkerBoy - he LIES. https://t.co/lBfwxRrFWB

@Scaramucci The reason THE COWARD IN CHIEF rants about Antifa so much is that he, like all FACISTS, hate people that hit back. #shutupman #VoteHimOut #BunkerBoy #TrumpVirus #TrumpPutin2020 #VoteBlueNoMatterWho @FoxNews @CNN @OANN @ABC @CBSNews @NBCNews @nytimes @washingtonpost @JoeBiden

@Acosta I think the debate committee should cancel the debates. Unless the candidates can be locked in a soundproof booth with mics hot only during their turn to answer, there’s no way to contain #BunkerBoy as his whole plan is to disrupt.

I wonder if @realDonaldTrump has nightmares of the crowds outside the @WhiteHouse and being #BunkerBoy again only this time the cops and #Military refuse to save him if he won't leave? He should.

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Trump lies about every conceivable subject, but voting and the election might be the single subject on which he’s most thoroughly dishonest. https://t.co/ZsPr3u0BMd

A #desperate #panicky @realDonaldTrump will only get worse. I wonder if @realDonaldTrump has nightmares of the crowds outside the @WhiteHouse being #BunkerBoy again and the cops and #Military refusing to save him, if he won't leave? He should. https://t.co/2FQFqaT0EJ

Democrats need to wake up: The Trump movement is shot through with fascism https://t.co/L4xqlJHDJA by @IAmRichBenjamin tRump supporters talk of false socialism of Biden while accepting Fascism from tRump. They all are so worried they all belong in bunkers next to #BunkerBoy -saw-

🔷Biden Wins Debate While Trump Begs White Supremacists To Save Him From Jail 🔷Send #BunkerBoy packing & elect Joe Biden! by @TheSizzleReport https://t.co/0Csisg3FHH #DemVoice1 #BidenHarris #VoteHimOut #VoteBiden

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