Him ; you’ve read the whole bible ? No one made you ? Me: yes , more than once before highschool , many times after ...and quite frankly I’m surprised that a world who fights about it so often isn’t compelled to turn the pages of story and grace . #bepeace #belove #antiquehoney

2020 is confusing, but meeting your financial goals can be a little easier thanks to @BankofAmerica #BetterMoneyHabits. Check out this video for financial guidance in this new normal.

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It’s an odd psychology that makes people resist giving $1000/mo to hard-working citizens to buy what they need, yet be OK with billions/yr given as subsidies to industries already making huge profits destroying the planet so that a tiny group of people can buy whatever they want.

#UBI #BeKind #BePeace https://t.co/tqFcSj9b12

@NicolePerone @PeaceDominicans @JohnTGrosso We love it! Thank you for your witness! #BePeace

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Dipping my toe into a take on cancel culture in episode 2. #SarahSilvermanPodcast eps 1-5 Here: https://t.co/qNnHEngHbFhttps://t.co/9v65pd9nIV

This rings true for me. I grew up homophobic (catholic) and racist (peer groups). Long story but when I broke free from the bigotry and hate, I spent a long time trying to convince others away from such people. I still do. Especially with zeitgeist hatred against LGBTQ+ #BePeace https://t.co/ejwIeCwY3c

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DON’T FORGET TO VOTE! Who won the battle? #commentbelow ... VOTING ENDS TONIGHT AT 9pm! 🔁@CynthiaBailey10 https://t.co/nPfnM9ozLl

I voted! Have you? #BePeace https://t.co/JrGG8AmdsW

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Everyone go donate to Kevin McCarthy’s challenger @KimMangone right now before it’s too late. Let’s make sure she wins.🐮 https://t.co/ochsYt7mAN

👇🏿You can make it happen! #BePeace https://t.co/WWDRsAMyRA

@TheCarlWeathers Hey Action, 1) @realDonaldTrump is not a racist. 2) No one is trying to keep people from voting. 3) Skin color doesnt determine party affiliation. #BePeace #BeRaceFree

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Here’s the full Rudy Giuliani clip from Borat. Judge for yourself...https://t.co/CQHzI23GFb

😳#BePeace https://t.co/ph8cEi3X23

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Keeping Black voters from the polls over the next 11 days is Trump’s strategy for Florida. https://t.co/7uFEiMpsCZ

👇🏿#BePeace https://t.co/5LxKZlXocq

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Why do schools keep criminalizing and traumatizing our Black children?! There's no justification for reprimanding kids so heavily. Stop robbing our sons and daughters of their childhoods due to systematic racism! https://t.co/chzbwygZ1F

Black skin and a hoodie are no more a sign of criminal behavior than white skin with suit and tie signify an upstanding citizen. Check out the number of white bankers who have robbed citizens of their savings and ruined many lives! #ThisIsAmerica #BePeace https://t.co/VvGTffGjmB

SPREAD LOVE AND BRING THE PEACE. WISHING YOU AND YOURS A LOVE AND PEACE-FILLED WEEKEND. #peace #love #spreadlove #bepeace #peaceandlove #bringthepeace https://t.co/4XvbDMVxPq

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Bill Barr’s daughter works at Treasury to protect Trump’s tax returns and loans at Deutsche Bank. Rudy Giuliani’s son gets $90,700 to be WH sports liaison with no experience. Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner used the WH as $358 million bonanza. It was never about Hunter Biden.

And they’re all dancing on a stage of political puppetry - - - and always will . So where are you volunteering this weekend ? #bepeace https://t.co/NWS4zQ2voJ

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