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@EllyannTaylor @KaivanShroff There is no downside. The court needs balancing. They call it "stacking," when it is abundantly clear that is what they did with #amycovidbarrett.

#BalanceThecourts @JoeBiden https://t.co/2a9cVAZ5KW

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Your religious views now give you the right to withhold the services of your business from people whose “lifestyle” you disagree with, withhold healthcare from women & attend superspreader events that let you infect your neighbors with a deadly virus. https://t.co/SfDJ6tECB7


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Just before midnight, Thanksgiving Eve, the 5-4 Court’s newly consolidated conservative majority departed from precedent to elevate organized religion over state power to combat disease and save lives. Justice Barrett split with Chief Justice Roberts. https://t.co/UR1Vyvq0qA

Here we go-religious extremists & the wealthiest now rule us, even with a Biden presidency. We do not want a theocracy. #BalanceTheCourts #Vote4DemocratsInGA https://t.co/bQ166Da95c

@SCOTUSblog SCOTUS clearly wants more to die from a #pandemic level virus raging in all states. That was a small short term price for churches to pay for the good of the community until the vaccine is widely distributed. Time to #BalanceTheCourts #SCOTUS is broken. Shame on those churches

3 days ago

@tribelaw She is the wingnuts’ insurance policy. They didn’t like #JusticeRoberts’ unreliability for their evil cause. We’ve gotta #BalanceTheCourts

3 days ago

@SallyDeal4 @joncoopertweets Their gods will protect them???? What about the rest of us? #BALANCETHECOURTS

3 days ago

@joshtpm Win Georgia and maybe we get court reform and a bench that reflects a secular America #BALANCETHECOURTS

3 days ago

@Amy_Siskind Maybe now that #SCOTUS overturned Cuomo’s ban on large religious gatherings he will. We all will. #BALANCETHECOURTS

3 days ago

@JoeBiden Now balance the courts before religious gatherings in NY kill us all. Public health first. #BALANCETHECOURTS

@Scattered211 @ehforgetit She'll be killing more women than that of we don't #BalanceTheCourts soon which is why we must #FlipTheSenateBlue and make #SCOTUS more representative of the people. Great argument for expanding to 13 justices: https://t.co/zS9i6q2ZOB

@filmbizpro @senatemajldr Biden needs to work with Harris and other Democrats to #BalancetheCourts starting now. Hit the ground on 1/21 with a plan in place. Harris has considerable power as the Senate leader, Georgia win or no, and the Republican perfidy can be smacked down.🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

@CREWcrew Well ... THIS makes me happy. Sure would be great if #CitizensUnited was overturned. #BalanceTheCourts #BalanceSCOTUS

I wanna see #AnitaHill and a #NativeAmerican Judge added to #SCOTUS as a way to balance the courts #11Justices #BalanceTheCourts @JoeBiden @KamalaHarris

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Qanon freshman congresswoman tweets out " masks are oppressive. My body, my choice." Anyone else see the irony?

Oh- the hypocrisy! #buildbackbetter #balancethecourts #flipthesenate https://t.co/bgF51zjGFg

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We will win back the Senate.

#Democrats , you want to pass the bills that ushers in universal healthcare or the universal basic living wage? Win #Georgia You want to #balancethecourts? Win #Georgia You want to watch that c*nt rag Mitch McConnell get destroyed? Win #Georgia https://t.co/7E1ECgNHMt

16 days ago

@ossoff If the Democrats take the Senate, they can balance out the court packing the Republicans are filling after they refused to confirm Obama’s nominees. #BalanceTheCourts https://t.co/IihfETCCuu

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