Hubby and I on road trips: Me: “I have to use the bathroom. Do you need to stop?” Him: “I will go tomorrow.” This is the main difference between men and women. #bladdersize

@farmerjase @NZSharemilker @annegalloway @Opunake56 There are a 'few' 'minor' physiological differences between Cows and Sheep #BladderSize

fran doos
5 years ago

@EquiSportsThrpy I have no clue? Is this a trick question #bladdersize

7 years ago

@LazyGreyhound that is very wrong. And possibly unwise, depending on #bladdersize

There is a reason #movies should be under 2 hours #bladdersize

Thinking of how to apply some appreciated patterns as an amateur coffee drinker.. #bladdersize cc:@apprenticeshipp http://t.co/IdxwnGbF

5 minutes on the road and I already have to pee #bladdersize=apeanut #imthatgirl

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