@LFC send a congratulatory message to @RealAkinfenwa to top up his celebration. #BlackLivesMatter

@madlenluv With all that's happening in the world, it's important to keep the faith. #nayarivera #KellyPreston #BlackLivesMatter #faith #jimmystewart https://t.co/ozIV1eeVN4

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@andywar98835194 Saying all lives matters misses the point of ending bwhite supremacy. Only white lives have mattered, not all lives. #BlackLivesMatter is a demand to make All Lives Matter and an end to institutional racism.

" Here we go again with this racist shit. The damned kids too." #EnoughIsEnough #BlackLivesMatter 12-Year-Old Arrested for Racist Messages Sent to Wilfried Zaha on Instagram https://t.co/8Fj0gWJJ88

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And it seems police brutality in US has no end..! Video shows Allentown police officer putting his knee on black man’s neck during arrest. #GeorgeFloyd #PoliceBrutality #BlackLivesMatter https://t.co/tFYEFqt1S8

#BlackLivesMatter https://t.co/o5xFPC0XBh

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Black mix girls are 💣💣💥💥👅 #BlackLivesMatter #SingleAndMingle

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I was thinking poached filet of sole with fava beans for dinner. https://t.co/JwI7DN8TVW

I guess he will get a flag from #Pelosi ?? @RealJamesWoods #BlackLivesMatter #AmericaFirst #MondayMotivaton #respecttheflag https://t.co/R5TvPpPHGN

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Terry walked 1000 miles from Huntsville, AL to Minneapolis, Minnesota where they killed George Floyd. This guy started walking on June 2nd and ended his march today with over 2k people coming to join him in his last few miles to the exact spot. His name is Terry Willis ✊🏾‼️ https://t.co/4ei4PhcjBq

Another story I’m guessing the MSM won’t touch on as they just push their agenda. You’re an inspiration Terry Willis #BlackLivesMatter #Anonymous #WhyIsThat https://t.co/iotqdgCP12

@FOX26Houston Question: when someone can deface the road with yellow paint 🎨, why someone can’t deface it with red paint? #BlackLivesMatter

@lemmaaa_ Cultural oppression/opropiation does not exist, racism, sexism, homophobes/LGB those do exist. I agree #BlackLivesMatter if you think doing a hairstyle or wearing hoop earrings that's disrespectful . How about all the white things we do, the food, accessories, traditions ect.

Faut pas abandonner, il faut continuer à mettre ce # en tendance, continuer à changer les choses (en espérant que ça marche) #BlackLivesMatter

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uma mulher negra de 51 anos foi pisoteada por POLICIAIS em SP. “Ele me bateu e quanto mais eu me debatia mais ele apertava a bota no meu pescoço", disse a vítima que não quis se identificar com medo dos PMs voltarem. Resolvi falar sobre isso, caso vidas negras ainda importem.

#BlackLivesMatter https://t.co/I5xCX8EfEI

Words matter. That's why we have been vocal in saying #BlackLivesMatter. Likewise, we wholeheartedly support the State Legislature's bipartisan efforts to abolish the term "Freeholder" once and for all - replacing it with the more common title "County Commissioner”.

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