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Amy Coney Barrett https://t.co/noObP2cg1g

#amycovidbarrett was a scorched earth move. #merrickgarland was a scorched earth move. Sit down #MinorityMoscowMitch Shut up #MinorityMitch https://t.co/ijqpekKnkn

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It's imperative that we continue to resist efforts to pack the Supreme Court and treat it as if it is one of the elected branches of government. Our society is only as strong as its institutions. We must ensure the integrity and independence of SCOTUS. https://t.co/jpAy6hXnPV

Suuurre, after #MoscowMitch stacked a conservative anti-women/LGBTQIA majority #SCOTUS by 1) blocking utterly reasonable Obama appointment, Merrick Garland 2) refusing to hear testimony on Brett Kavanaugh’s rapey tendencies & 3) slamming through another steal in #AmyCovidBarrett. https://t.co/bdMPJulgFu

@thomaskaine5 @Vmbritsch #AmyCovidBarrett SC rushed confirmation was a sham, chosen over other better qualified and more representative picks.

@KWT62 Do you remember when I told you that Republicans would lose the senate after Mitch’s #amycovidbarrett stunt? That worked out well, didn’t it

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Argentina’s groundbreaking abortion law went into force Sunday, making it the largest nation in Latin America to legalize elective abortion. https://t.co/0KmDBByWEv - @NBCLatino

Here in America ~ people like #AmyCovidBarrett and the other “conservative”@scotus assholes would strip us of all kinds of protections ~ from BC, STD’s, unwanted pregnancy and other medical procedures and/or prophylactics currently available to us, as Americans #NoStepsBackward🇺🇸 https://t.co/koU1jh3C68

@Bozo_Texino @RealNoraC @googlenews Where was the #Filibuster When Republicans were ramming through #AmyCovidBarrett ?

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Nearly 50 years after #RoevWade, the right to choose is still under relentless attack. We won’t go back. Now and always: her body, her choice.

You got that right! #RoevWade is worth defending. Please stay strong and focused on this issue. We know that the new #SCOTUS #AmyCovidBarrett will not help us out. https://t.co/yHhuHyPqjx

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The last person who should be lecturing Democrats on democratic norms is Mitch McConnell, who blocked Merrick Garland for 237 days before election but confirmed Amy Coney Barrett 8 days before election when 65 million people had already voted

Ahem. @SenSchumer @SenatorDurbin @Sen_JoeManchin @ewarren @BernieSanders Remember #merrickgarland and #amycovidbarrett, @SenateDems. Why else are @ossoff and @ReverendWarnock there? @TheDemocrats have a mandate and represent millions more than the @GOP. Act like it. Lead us. https://t.co/ecMmoxwXYp

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#AmyCovidBarrett #Impeach https://t.co/ag9ANu5zHx

@MMFlint @AriMelber You better preach, @SenSchumer better tell @LeaderMcConnell to eat a dick and sit down. #MoscowMitchMcTraitor wasn't interested in reaching across the aisle when it came to #AmyCovidBarrett

.@LeaderMcConnell wants mercy for trump, who had no mercy on 400k+ Americans. #MoscowMitch wants to give trump time to prepare a defense for #CapitolRiot when @gop crammed through #AmyCovidBarrett. mitch supported trump from Day 1; maybe support America for a change.

@senrobportman And 6 hours later , Robber Porkman calls President Biden’s Keystone decision “ ILL -advised”. Damn , man , the poor decision list is too long to list #GOPTaxScam #KavaNope #TownHallNow #LateForLunch #AmyCovidBarrett #ACA #ITMFA #PutinsPuppet #Complicit #

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Biden's first accomplishment is getting Amy Coney Barrett to wear a fucking mask

#amycovidbarrett FINALLY wears a mask ! https://t.co/l8N0vKaJOY

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Nice of Amy Coney Barrett to wear a mask at a large public gathering. https://t.co/JG1kx8gPUt

Nice of Amy Coney Barrett to wear a mask at a large public gathering. https://t.co/JG1kx8gPUt

#amycovidbarrett thank you for not starting another super spreader event https://t.co/3mB9PQHz5r

#AmyCovidBarrett looks completely out of place there. #InaugurationDay

anybody else notice that nobody wants to talk to #AmyCovidBarrett ? #Inauguration

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