Play alone or with friends, explore an alien planet, create multi-story factories, and enter conveyor belt heaven! #Satisfactory 😋👽

“Coronavirus Has Proven That in America, Capitalism Will Never be Satisfied.” by @xLauren_Mx https://t.co/5HLVO2CIUT #FailedState #AmericanCollapse #Capitalism #Vote

Quoted @brian_goldstone

Spent this morning at a low-income apartment complex, located in a gentrifying area of Atlanta, whose residents have been given 60 days to move; the property was recently sold. One woman, a 54-year-old receiving SSI, just kept repeating “I got nowhere to go, I got nowhere to go.”

Welcome to the #AmericanCollapse. #ADOS being priced out of the ability to live in American cities. https://t.co/0RfWc6qpX4

@sthrnchck @Clc143 @GlenciaWalker @shaunking Who created Taliban=USA; funds war in Middle East thru Israel=USA; commits #genocide against its Black citizens while enforcing sanctions on others 4 #HumanRightsViolations =USA; Who help find&arrest Nelson Mandela=USA. *fcking criminals, can't wait 2C U fall. #AmericanCollapse

@sthrnchck @Clc143 @GlenciaWalker @shaunking Not just the USA but you guys sure deserve 2B in the cockpit when you coming slamming down N2 reality. USA is the source of most of the world's problems: 80% of world pollution; most debtors are American credit cardholders(& the rest us suffer 4yor consumerism)! #AmericanCollapse

@whytepiece @OhMyJosephine @shaunking Statistics on God= dare I say that you missed the satire? Individuals in America are credible; your society, culture & political system are not credible; ppl create the conclusion: USA lacks credibility as a whole. #AmericanCollapse

2 months ago

I just don't see america rising up,from this virus gut punch. You just have to wear a mask and people in mainstream jobs just can't do it. People look for reasons to,not wear a mask. So the virus stays and stays. All holy apocalypse. #americancollapse

U would think after 3 once in a lifetime economic disasters in about a decade people would have finnally figured out america is on its death bed. But no its still about “my ego and looking like im rich in front of internet strangers”.. #americancollapse #rome2 #americandecline

Sometimes i feel like im losing my mind. Like how am i the only one aware of the obvious crashing of America?! But then i scroll thru FB and am reminded of how dumb the average american became and it all makes sense again.. #rome2 #americancollapse #boomers

#America is Having the Mother of All Social #Collapses If American Life Feels Frightening, It’s Because It’s Imploding — In Gruesome and Catastrophic Ways #Americanhorrorstory #americanCollapse https://t.co/WPBXdjpKKr

2 months ago

A good piece on how the USA is turbo fucked. The #AmericanCollapse. https://t.co/lcDmHGmHb7

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