@rickygervais = legendary, humble comedic genius. Capable of making you feel multiple emotions at once and a national treasure who we must protect!!🧠💭 #Afterlife2 is a work of art- roll on #Afterlife3 🎥 :’)

@NickyLadanowski That’s why I’ve been quiet on SM, busy with #Afterlife3 😉.....Well, breaking news....Tracey G just emailed me and said that new position in the Tambury Gazette is nailed on for you....boom! Zero to hero again in 126 characters 😎

Weight of living, Pt.1 by @bastilledan would fit perfectly on #AfterLife3 @rickygervais

Just finished binge watching #AfterLife2 wow @rickygervais is a bloody genius not cried and laughed so much through 6 episodes better then the first roll on #afterlife3 got tickets to see him November hope it goes ahead #funnyasfuck #themanisagenius

Uncle @rickygervais You have to give Cole a part in #Afterlife3 he would just be fantastic, I’d hump his leg for sure! 👏😂 https://t.co/fC9Hk2yl2v

@coleandersonJ @rickygervais @DavidBrentMovie I better see you in #afterlife3, you’re great mate

@rickygervais Enjoying your Talks... Re your soundtracks feel free to use #TwoMetrePeter or my new track #OneMetreRita for #Afterlife3 😊🤝🌟https://t.co/tJssvD2f4U

@rickygervais PLS Watch My Video & Give a Me Part in #AfterLife3 I’m Totally Broke, Desperate, Pls Donate: https://t.co/GPcSqq1CRv🙏🏻 https://t.co/RN18af3CK0 via @YouTube

Sr. Mac
9 days ago

My son - From 'My Fair Lady' At Spirit Store Dundalk, Ireland https://t.co/gauistt7yJ via @YouTube @rickygervais this song would be a nice opening for #AfterLife3? Just it is old time, old fashioned and I think Tony and Lisa's love was like this. Just thoughts. #afterlife2

@rickygervais #AFTERLIFE #afterlife2 #afterlife3 make somewhere you could get tony to sing death bed by powfi somewhere if you haven’t written it already. It would make a really wholesome moment in the series and the song matches afterlife so well!

Right, @rickygervais has liked two of my tweets now, when do I get a follow and a part on #afterlife3 ?! 😂😂

@rickygervais You asked once for any suggestions for #afterlife3...can we maybe see Sandy find some happiness? A relationship? Her character is wonderful and I’d love to see her find her voice and win in life. She’s too precious a character to keep so quiet. Thank you.

Just wanted to say a massive thanks to @rickygervais and team for #AfterLife #AfterLife2. The best. Can't wait for #AfterLife3!

11 days ago

Not the dog you hear me you fat Cunt not the dog #afterlife3 @rickygervais

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