.@michael_steel: "The lack of respect, the lack of decency that the President brought to the debate last night was a culmination of 4 years that's gotten worse & worse-I think the American people deserve better than that debate & better than Pres. Trump." #AMRstaff

On POTUS/Proud Boys debate comments, @michael_steel: "It was a sad and disgusting display, and I think if he was going to walk it back, he would have already done it by now." #AMRstaff

.@ChrisCoons: "I think Joe Biden tried & tried & tried for what was a very long initial half an hour, to get any respect or balance or observation by the President of the rules that he agreed to. He ultimately said a few things like that just in complete exasperation." #AMRstaff

.@ChrisCoons: "There was only one president on that stage last night, and it wasn't the one that flew in on Air Force One, it was the one you just saw get on a train for a whistle stop tour of Ohio and Pennsylvania." #AMRstaff

On debate, @ChrisCoons: "I think it's part of President Trump's strategy, to sow division and chaos-such that Americans watching say, to heck with the whole thing. Joe Biden made a passionate personal appeal to the American people to go out and vote." #AMRstaff

On voter reaction/MN, @shaqbrewster: "It is clear there is a disconnect, not only with the message you heard from Pres. Trump and his unwillingness to condemn white supremacy, but there was frustration in how he turned questions on systematic racism to law & order." #AMRstaff

.@Robt_Gibbs: "...And there's obviously nothing that happened last night that would make make most undecided voters reconsider either of those two things." (2/2) #AMRstaff

.@Robt_Gibbs: "If you're Donald Trump, what you needed to do last night was convince people that your behavior & the impact of your presidency are different than how they've been viewed up to this point..." (1/2) #AMRstaff

.@Robt_Gibbs: "(People) saw two different candidates: A sitting president that is incapable of doing the job & a former VP that's ready to attack the problems of pandemic, rebuild the economy, take on racial injustice, & deal with climate change." #AMRstaff

@bannerite @TimScottSC . . . but how does an #AmericanOfAfricanSlaveDescent support #DomesticTerrorism against his own community? How does @TimScottSC make excuses for our #ImpeachedForever @POTUS #45 as he leads #ProudBoys toward violence against his #SC constituents, #White or #Black? #AMRstaff 🤓👽

.@jmpalmieri: "Trump gets disciplined in the last month, that's my experience '16. The other thing is Republicans will come home, you can't trust that they won't turn out. They have to take every opportunity, even the uncomfortable debates, to make their argument." #AMRstaff

.@jmpalmieri: "There are some people saying maybe he shouldn't continue on in the debates and I wondered that myself last night. But I think that in the end, Biden's got to be the one that runs the whole race, he can't look like he backed down to Trump." #AMRstaff

.@GeoffRBennett: "Everything POTUS said about mail-in voting was false: that people are throwing ballots into creeks and rivers, not true. That postal service workers are selling ballots, not true. With mail-in voting, people can vote after Election Day, also not true." #AMRstaff

.@CapehartJ: "This election isn't as much a choice between President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden. It is now clearly a choice between American democracy and white supremacy. And last night, we saw candidates for each one of those choices." #AMRstaff

.@CapehartJ: "The fact that the President of the United States 3 1/2 years into his presidency, 3 years after Charlottesville, still cannot fix his mouth to denounce white supremacists and to say that it is against the American ideal, is terrifying." #AMRstaff

.@oneunderscore__: "The organized violence is coming from white supremacist groups. They make events & tell people we're going to go beat up the left-The initiation process for the Proud Boys, the very last step is to commit violence on behalf of the Proud Boys. " #AMRstaff

.@oneunderscore__: "A lot of these groups, Proud Boys, they made these pacts with these groups, Patriot Prayer, these other militia movements to go to these protests, to try to stir stuff up, to try to make it look like the left is as violent as they want it to be." #AMRstaff

On extremist groups/Trump debate rhetoric, @oneunderscore__: "Immediately they took this as a call to action. They basically made it their catch phrase over the last 12 hours. They've printed t-shirts & put on Amazon that say exactly that, "Stand back and stand by". #AMRstaff

On Biden train tour, @mikememoli: "He'll dive more deeply into what we heard and didn't hear in the debate last night and also perhaps take questions. This serves as an opportunity seen as a victory lap, or an opportunity to set the record straight." #AMRstaff

On the debate, @mikememoli: "The Biden campaign said in their practice sessions, they did prepare for a debate as free wheeling as we saw-They were pleased that (he) was able to pivot to the camera and have a conversation directly with the American people." #AMRstaff

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