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Solskjær: “He’s [Tuanzebe] really raring to go again. I’m looking forward to getting him back.” #mulive [mu]

My guy axel 🔥💥 https://t.co/ZWzdb2W4zi

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Encuentra las 7 diferencias. Barrio rico. Barrio pobre https://t.co/zpbjeyYQoD

Encuentra las 7 diferencias.
Barrio rico. Barrio pobre https://t.co/zpbjeyYQoD

que la policia es clasista? kedesissssssssss estaparaprotegernossssssssssshhh https://t.co/ncpf0kViz6

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Meu deus tô com 10 em interpretação teatral e 90 em indumentária, vou chorar

@GovSisolak @NVAgriculture https://t.co/G8jlFH6nXE Coronavirus Testing In Nevada Health officials are reporting an increase of coronavirus cases in Washoe County, which could lead to a possible SLOWDOWN in the states REOPENING plan. CASES are NOT infections! Up to 90% of Nevada's tests false positives!! https://t.co/xe8AV1IEsx

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I feel like not having kids is a blessing because I wanna pick my bm and so far I still can 😂

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Can’t name any other profession but championship refereeing in which you can be be utterly shit 90% of the time and still get paid, beggers belief

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@ndzomojosephkev @aminabellaaa je crois pas... façon dont ça finit avec la capture de Jack?

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@Cinemex Se me pasaba. Con el presunto batman que brilla al sol... Repaso sin ver. No hay duda que el fin del mundo esta cerca...... https://t.co/JrwGrAueeC

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@fahd0000098 جايش جايش

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@cctv_idiots Very amazing. Without the glitch...

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@Super70sSports @JasonLaCanfora No one gives a fuck about baseball

@spyerfrog لو بدون اوفسبون كان انت الاول

mohamed atef
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@mo_elhassani 😂😂😂

распространите пожалуйста среди наших друзей если не трудно

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@joshuajcannon @MancunianRaver @JenWilliamsMEN MMU own the halls don’t they, they could have just not given them the choice? If they had filled at 25% and staggered the rest through the academic years they have could be at 75% capacity say around March when hopefully some normality starts to return. Likely not due to money..

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