lima 42/45
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@mcclarax entrarao na minha casa roubarao tudo KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK

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@KegsREN replace Shaw with Hayden now since Anakin was 45 when he died👀

maco espacial
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@tetenari @_sansans_ Obrigado Gabriel amigo

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@liy_45 وصفك ندر وقلبي عبر وياك يارمز السلام انت المميز داخلي وانت الهمام انت البطل

@xzahr2_ صباح الفل والياسمين


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Quoted @DrEricDing

BREAKING—Ron Klain, Biden’s @WHCOS, has issued a memo freezing all new or pending Trump regulations. All will now be subject to review.

So great https://t.co/Sh71KI4YfT

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