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In my new blogpost, at the anniversary, I take a look at the Global Hawk shoot down a year ago. The Iranian 3rd Khordad SAM system and its prey the RQ-4 BAMS-D are analysed in detail. https://t.co/2iBa6BnPLK

amy santiago
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@d3b4nhy ok amor t amo <3

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Quoted @TeamTrump

President @realDonaldTrump: "Nobody's going to shatter the American dream. Not the anarchists, not the agitators, not the fools, not the looters. They're not going to have any impact on the national dream - a national dream like no other." https://t.co/EBjkE1cmpv

Greatest president ever. Trump 2020. WWG1WGA https://t.co/IKMJ6qOupm

artista do sec XXI
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vou aproveitar e pedir pra ele restaurar meu violaozinho q ele ta caindo aos pedaços😁😊

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@hYRy65i4 @offffffl8ne @ShuraCouncil_SA الله يعوضك يارب حسبنا الله عليهم

2020年YOSUKEの福袋が通販予約できるサイトはここだ! https://t.co/riPSKUi8TS

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@sabianck 4°- você é mais do que super inteligente , independente do que seja o assunto você vai atrás você se esforçar você consegue aprender e ainda ensinar e tem uma facilidade em explicação em público admirável você é INTELIGENTE sim.

3/4 anos sem contato algum e ainda me perguntam por ela

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@rccook7 @mallen2010 @ananavarro thats why i say they all are horrible. these all make us look at each other. when theyre the ones in charge. they make the laws that enable everything we hate. but all they have to do is blame the other side and millions of people bite that bait, everyday

ユーザースコア超不評。そうなるわな。Read User Reviews and Submit your own for The Last of Us Part II on PlayStation 4 https://t.co/YR08cxmF3o @metacriticより

@Dizzy_bbbitch 提早發肉棒給你

@AcharyaPramodk 10 जनपथ के चाटु चमचे ढोंगी शहीद का मतलब पता है तुझे पप्पू का एनर्जी ड्रिंक पीना बंद करदे

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George Floyd Protests Likely to Cause Increase in Coronavirus Cases https://t.co/Q7cyC7ijrB

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@cviikl6 احب الناس اللي تحسب الف حساب قبل تتكلم

2020年AULA AILAの福袋が通販予約できるサイトはここだ! https://t.co/clTKreV9cp

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ai ai eu amo a estéfane https://t.co/JgY8crFsrS

ai ai eu amo a estéfane https://t.co/JgY8crFsrS

T-minus 4 hours til I start dancin'. https://t.co/TCDyGljYtn

@FightinHydrant Sell them tickets at a discount. And then keep the $$$ as a "moron tax". 🤦

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