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Diario JAEN
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@jackwindsor Logan Police Department phone number: (740) 385-6866

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@RealJamesWoods Nadler is ready for a wheel chair for sure, or the stage is just a little too narrow after a 3 drink lunch.

المهدي المنتظر الحقيقي المهدي و شفاعة النبي رسالة آخر الزمان 385 https://t.co/VIcTlK2oBD عبر @YouTube

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Hola. ¿Podría una persona de mi TL copiar y volver a publicar este tweet? Estoy tratando de demostrar que alguien siempre está para escucharte. App: prevensuic Teléfono:  911 385 385 #PrevencionDelSuicidio

猫「よし、いくぞ。今回のヤマは外せねぇ。」カラス「アニキ、今回は絶対俺らの手で成功させやしょう!」 https://t.co/08P52vN4ge

猫「よし、いくぞ。今回のヤマは外せねぇ。」カラス「アニキ、今回は絶対俺らの手で成功させやしょう!」 https://t.co/08P52vN4ge

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For once you may feel like figuring out everything by yourself... More for Libra https://t.co/BB4mBxgwgj

@MajorPatriot Yes, they are the lowest on the IQ table too. Journalism is holding up a I phone and yelling obnoxious repetitive questions at Republicans, but then dutifully spouting back word for word Pelosi, Schumer, et al.

كردستان منحت ٣٨٥ الف كردي (تركي ايراني سوري) الجنسية العراقية. #برزاني_يتاجر_بالجنسية_العراقية

Connect Summit Fun Fact! MarshBerry's Fall Summit is bringing together 385+ attendees from 165+ Insurance Firms across 40 states this week. #MarshBerryConnect

@sayurin03280 スタイルいいから食べても大丈夫でしょ^_−☆

@Tam1beeyfendi @tlgyrgnc @BilgePrometheus Kardeş senin cidden beynin var mı? LGBT ve özgür irade ne alaka? Sen eşcinseller "ayy ne olsam acaba buldum en iyisi lezbiyen olayım" diye mi düşünüyor sanıyorsun svskwvsisvwi

@KamalaHarris I think you are wrong. Their lawyer is grieving the loss of anymore wrongful death suits. She was in a room being used as a shield with a convicted felon who had a gun shooting at policemen. Bad choices, yes, two of them if not more.

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