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#freedom of speech FREEDOM #OF EXPRESSION exercising first #amendment #1A #1A #EQUALL_IT_Y #1A #1A All Words Are Created Equal AND ALL Americans Have The RITE to utilize ANY word in our LANGUAGE without the repercussions of [authority] figures restricting OUR FREEDOMS ❕‼️❕

The richest mine ever discovered is on the deadliest planet in the galaxy.

Quoted @KPCC

BREAKING: @LADAOffice declines to file charges against @KPCC reporter @josie_huang. "It does not appear that she was intentionally trying to interfere..but merely trying to record." https://t.co/uJpqVsYrqh

Well well well At least the DA's office sees the truth. #1A Congratulations, @josie_huang! cc: @garveymcvg @KPCC @LAist @abc7leanne @OSV227Hex https://t.co/kWg4xxLJsY

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@cindymccain @JoeBiden Biden does not stand up for the Conservative ideals of America He is going to Raise your Taxes 70% Biden is coming after #1A our ability to go to church where when and how we Want to worship. Biden is coming after our #2a night to bear arms This Shall not' be infringed. 3

@nevadacleancars We already live in a desert. The remaining vegetation needs that CO2. Why is this party destroying us? Why is a $50k car gonna save me? I have a 75 cent mask that can do that. Do you see? The Democrats are irrelevant. Now. Fear and Power? #1A 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 #LeadRight 🗽 https://t.co/p2i3yv6vE5

and c) use legal-sounding lies and declarations to assert more authority than they have, while being treated as a reliable primary source by a naive Media. This is my interpretation. Watch the streams and judge for yourself. #blacklivesmatter #1a #lifeoverproperty /fin

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@KHOLMESlive @boogieordie @NBCLA @elianamoreno These protesters are Patriots just like the anti-mask MAGA crowd. Leftist Globalist Satan loving Patriots and Christian Gun loving Right winger Patriots. In America both sides can be patriots. ✝️🇺🇸🤣🤣 #1A Deuteronomy 23:1

Quoted @SenatorBennet

Local news is foundational to our democracy, but it has been pushed to the brink. @SenBrianSchatz, @SenAmyKlobuchar, & I introduced legislation to create a commission to understand how Congress can support local journalism while protecting the free press.https://t.co/LdMKTtgWky

Just uphold the #1A https://t.co/4alYaJQSpm

Doesn't SPD realize that Bobby Stills works for @WWConverge and is a journalist protected by #1A and the federal court order of 8/10/20? I'm guessing not. (about 10:45 in). #seattleprotestscomms #Press #BlackLivesMatter https://t.co/kRit80Rw4Q

🚨Trays of Mail, Including Mail-In Ballots, Found by Roadside in Wisconsin! |Geller Report News| #MailInVotingFraud #LiberalVoterFraud #Disenfranchised #1A https://t.co/OmksA60Zog

@shelbygrad @LADAOffice Backs up reporter entirely. #1A #Vindication , @LASDHQ statement + @LACoSheriff leadership + @LASDJUANITA PIO PR = #pathétique

🎉DOJ Unveils Proposed Legislation To Rein In Speech-Policing By Big Tech! #KAG2020! #StopConservativeCensure! #BustUpBigTech! #1A! #2A4Life! https://t.co/hiaUVVK6Kh

Quoted @AnnieGilbertson

Note that this had to be punted to DA rather than acknowledged by @LASDHQ https://t.co/tZjqP51ajT

#1A @LACoSheriff @LASDMurakami @LASDJUANITA https://t.co/VsIVUqaIj8

Quoted @JamesQueallyLAT

Full story here -- Los Angeles D.A. will not prosecute @KPCC reporter arrested after shooting of sheriff's deputies https://t.co/ZDeHzJnykE

#1A https://t.co/nWnH6JdDMC

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