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Former reporter, blogger, newsletter writer, @nytimes. Former columnist, @MediaVillageCom. Now, freelance writer for @CBSWatch, others; panel moderator/speaker.

New York
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The death of RBG raises the historic stakes of this election even higher. If you have ever supported me or causes I've supported, I urge you to join me in this fight. It’s very important for our democracy when @JoeBiden wins for us to be able to call FL on election night.

Quoted @DanFeltesNH

For over a year, @GovChrisSununu has held a seat open on NH's Supreme Court with the hope of a new Republican majority on the Executive Council. Sununu has already pledged to renominate an anti-choice Chief Justice if re-elected. There is so much at stake. #nhpolitics

It's not just on the federal level, folks, the GOP has plans to take control on every level of government.

The future of reproductive health care is on the ballot. If Donald Trump & @GovChrisSununu are re-elected they will continue to push their anti-choice agenda. Granite Staters are counting on all of us to stand up for their rights, their future, and their health care. #nhpolitics

14 hours ago

Georgia congressman defends controversial tweet about Ruth Bader Ginsburg

@stuartenyt Casting thought he was too old so they hired someone two years younger for longevity.

I just contributed to Jaime Harrison to defeat that repulsive, lying scumbag Lindsey Graham. He, like Ivanka and Susan Collins, is the definition of an especially repellent good Nazi, just following orders and ignoring atrocities when it benefits him. May he rot

Susan Collins chooses her words carefully. She says winner of the presidential race “should” be the one to pick RBG’s replacement. “Should” is a suggestion word, not an ultimatum.


.@MSNBC statement in response to President Trump's comments about anchor @AliVelshi:

.@MSNBC statement in response to President Trump's comments about anchor @AliVelshi:

yes. yes. yes.

Quoted @jodmentum

@stuartenyt It's Alfred Lutter. He played the part in the movie and did the pilot.

@stuartenyt It's Alfred Lutter. He played the part in the movie and did the pilot.

weird to think he was 'good enough' to get cast in the part in a Scorsese movie but not for the TV version ...

@stuartenyt this is indeed another of her careful hand-wringing statements. Mitch doesn't allow R Senators to deviate unless he knows he has the votes. It's all about getting Biden elected and getting back a majority in the Senate. THEN, democrats can make some systemic changes.

Quoted @jodmentum

@stuartenyt It's Alfred Lutter. He played the part in the movie and did the pilot.

@stuartenyt It's Alfred Lutter. He played the part in the movie and did the pilot.

wow, thanks!!!!!

Quoted @NPR

President Trump's flair for the dramatic has introduced a sense of showmanship when it comes to nominating a Supreme Court justice.

Four years in and the media still has learned nothing about how to cover this administration.

Quoted @jodmentum

@stuartenyt The pilot - since he was recast.

so this is not Philip McKeon?

Quoted @makeart

@stuartenyt Well then you know... I know you’re good at these things;- )

mmmm, someone just tweeted it may be a kid who was in the pilot but got recast ... ???

Quoted @daveweigel

Cruz has a Harvard Law degree and I really don't, but how is a court with 5 GOP appointees and 3 Dem appointees a "4-4 court"? Conservative gripes w Roberts aside, he's always been part of the conservative majority on election cases.

this is the new GOP party line, that Roberts is suddenly a "liberal" b/c of a couple of his recent votes.

Quoted @rayjohnso

@stuartenyt Two down. Two to go.

i hope so. still not 100% convinced Collins means what she says.

Quoted @brianklaas

Collins says she's a no vote for confirmation before the presidential election. A few more Senate Republicans like her and McConnell won't be able to ram a justice through. To her credit, even though it's likely because she's losing, it's notable that she quickly took a position.

she does not explicitly say she is a "no" vote if a nominee is brought to the floor either before 11/3 or during a lame duck. She also refuses to say who she will vote for on the presidential line. I am worried this is another of her careful hand-wringing statements.

Congressman Roger Marshall’s record on fiscal responsibility is as reckless as his driving is. Even before this pandemic, his failed tax experiment put our deficit on track to reach $1 trillion. #KSSen

Quoted @makeart

@stuartenyt But he didn’t wear glasses..?

i remember him with them

Quoted @DLP0205

@CheriJacobus How does a guy like Caputo with THIS trail of tweets, get vetted successfully and appointed to lead HHS?

under this Potus, there is no vetting. or, i mean, they vet people to make sure they have such tweets and are that crazy/wicked.

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