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Writer: Changeling, Thor, #Babylon5, #sense8. Autobiography #BecomingSupermanJMS https://t.co/KgoiFYTCol. B5 script books at https://t.co/ufWSGGPKSw. DON'T POST STORY IDEAS.

Los Angeles, CA
Joined on January 01, 2011

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Quoted @JanMSchroeder

@straczynski Any possibility of you having a Special Guest spotlight as part of Comic-Con@Home? Something for AWA, too, maybe? I don't see anything in the schedule so far but maybe there's still time? Thanks.

I can't speak for AWA but nothing for me, no. https://t.co/vCIQe5zm1y

Quoted @kendalbhunter

@straczynski I just finished "13 By Corwin." It's a crime against the English language he's not better known. Clinching drama, robust prose, and sly punning ... all mentally delicious. https://t.co/HcOAGDPniT

@straczynski I just finished "13 By Corwin." It's a crime against the English language he's not better known. Clinching drama, robust prose, and sly punning ... all mentally delicious. https://t.co/HcOAGDPniT

I agree...utterly brilliant prose. The man could do things with words I still haven't figured out. https://t.co/4OHLq9W6XS

Or, conversely, I might be better off sticking to fart jokes.

Quoted @meneer_pastoor

@straczynski I don’t think reality is finite. Why would it be?

Didn't say reality was finite, only that the universe appears to be. https://t.co/qY9ojyn9cM

Quoted @jon_stout

@straczynski This bit I did look into at some point. Part of the issue with it is that if there are higher dimensions than the fourth, why don't we see stuff (other than maybe gravity) moving through it? Or from our 3D perspective, stuff just randomly appearing and disappearing as it...

Who's to say we don't? Black holes, dark matter, energy pulses that seem to come out of nowhere then disappear again...lots of unexplained stuff rolling around the universe. https://t.co/0j2vMvpRj8

Quoted @meneer_pastoor

@straczynski Essentially the two are the same. Superposition: something has two states until observed, and then one remains. Many worlds: superposition never actually happens, but there will be a separate (isolated) universe for each state; observing merely reveals which of the two we are in.

Right, so the question becomes, where are those universes in a finite reality? The fractal paradigm would seem to address that if we bring in a fourth dimensional perspective. https://t.co/moF1rywRNA

(Postscript: and since we're not actually seeing the 4D universe, only the slice passing through 3D space, this might have some relevance to how the universe can be seen to be constantly expanding in all directions; we're only seeing part of it, the rest of it is elsewhere.)

Quoted @Jaw709

@straczynski Do you have any thoughts on why the (alt-)right thinks anything anti-trump is "fascist" instead of his very own evasion, suppression and invention of the truth? ex. "spy protestor," "C19 hoax," Fake News" It's super frustrating, let alone destructive. Thanks.

Because they don't know the meaning of the word, they know only the "feel" of the word. https://t.co/FVKK2qlTTz

dimensional perspective? It’s a way to fit the infinite in the finite, and explains our inability to perceive all those alternate, quantum-entanglement-produced universes. Is there anything here, or is it just blather?

-- but if we extend this version to a three dimensional model we can continue pushing in on it infinitely, with each new fractal that appears being another universe or parallel world created through quantum entanglement. Is this how our universe looks from a fourth --

From a fourth dimensional point of view, our universe might look nothing like what we see, as the line isn’t the ball. If so, might that universe look more like fractals? As seen in this video https://t.co/CVsOxwDdt4 you start with a finite “universe”

-- three dimensional beings occupying fourth dimensional space, with all the limitations that come with that. (Think Flatland, where the two-dimensional beings who lived there could only perceive a ball as a line as it passed through the two dimensional space they occupied.)

If multiple parallel universes are being created, why can’t we perceive them and how do you fit infinity into the finite? That was the problem spinning around in my head when I awoke, and a thought occurred to me. There's considerable evidence for the idea that we're --

Why can’t we see them? Are they created somewhere else, outside our universe? And most importantly, how can an infinity of new universes fit within a finite universe? It’s the bug in the system.

This is best explained at length in the following video: https://t.co/jhLwdhTsD1 The problem with the multiple universes/many worlds theory, which the individual in the linked video brings up at length, is that if new universes are constantly being created, then where are they?

one reality: a live or dead cat. The theory of quantum entanglement contests this, saying that at the moment of quantum entanglement, reality/our universe splits into two, creating a universe where the cat is dead, and another universe where the cat is alive.

Basically, it’s the answerback to the Shroedinger’s cat paradigm, which on its own stipulates that a cat between two quantum states (alive/dead) is not alive or dead but alive and dead until an observer perceives it, at which point the two probabilities collapse into

So I woke up this morning thinking about quantum mechanics (as you do), and I had a thought that I don’t know if anyone else has thought of, or if it’s bright or stupid, but I thought I’d put it here for those who can do the math to pull apart and laugh at hysterically.

Quoted @axelalonsomarv

@Hyrgola @AWA_Studios @straczynski @Upshot_Studios Ues, but not in the first trade. There’s a reason for that.

For those who asked about whether or not the webtoom mini-chapters would be included in the graphic novel. https://t.co/CG5BUleODy

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