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i’m @melissabroder // So Sad Today the book:

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please don’t recommend me anything except laying down with my eyes closed

my insecurity is always looking for new ways to express itself

being alive reminds me why i find it difficult to be alive

Quoted @sosadtoday

@Smashbox hi. please please please don’t discontinue the photo ready bb cream. this is my hail mary, my prayer to you. we need one constant in times of great upheaval—perhaps only an illusion of permanence, but a reed to cling to all the same. thank you. amen.


text me back to tell me you’re not going to text me back thank you

having no control of what others think of me will never stop me from trying to control what others think of me

feel like my body is rebelling against me

If i have failed to respond or communicate with you in a timely manner, please know that i am trying very hard to be a person

pretty much anyone can make me feel inferior


whenever i’m tired i just assume that i’m dying...and i’m always tired

miss me or I'll kill you

what the fuck is everything

my tits feel anxious

good morning to everyone except the horror of consciousness

i miss the illusion of you

cause of death: my mind

Crying and shitting myself at the same time brb

Meeting some guy under a bridge to buy legos

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