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We looked inside some of the tweets by @so99y and here's what we found interesting.

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Quoted @ThatEricAlper

The last text you sent is your war rallying cry. What is it?

Check this out

Quoted @USBPChief

Respect for life and compassion for the vulnerable, all while upholding the rule of law and securing the border. That is the line we walk. Only months into FY21, and the number of rescues continue to climb. Click on the link to see the #numbers.

And how many caged children have been sexually abused under your watch?

Twitter tip: If you block every advertiser, eventually Twitter's algo stops serving you ads.

Quoted @jonathanvswan

As we reported last night, POTUS is actively considering firing Barr and replacing with somebody more willing to do his bidding on election and Durham.

We may be approaching zenith irony, when the president pardons his AG so that he can fire him and thereby protect himself from compromise while installing a criminal in his place. AG Giuliani anyone?

Quoted @SpeakerPelosi

Americans are currently living through the worst stretch of the pandemic. Many family budgets & small businesses are at their breaking point. It’s time for Leader McConnell to sit down with Democrats & finally begin a true, bipartisan effort to address the country’s needs.

Let me fix this for you... "Leader" McConnell

Quoted @williamlegate

Guess who can be retweeted now?


Quoted @NYCFireWire

This is why the #VerrazanoBridge was closed yesterday during the high winds.

Sounds like @brianeno music

You do realize that if we elect @ReverendWarnock and @ossoff that he won't be able to derail democracy anymore, right? #Georgia you can save the nation!

Quoted @TeaPainUSA

Tea Pain's thinkin' to himself this bribery pardon case is comin' public now so Trump can pardon all those involved while he's still in power. Just spitballin'. Your thoughts?

Fuuuuuk. Evil genius. 🙏

Quoted @JoeBiden

My message to everyone struggling right now is this: Help is on the way.

Dude, we need it now.

Quoted @kylegriffin1

Why did Chief Judge Howell want this pardon opinion out now? @MSNBC

Stoping more

Quoted @KenDilanianNBC

Per my NBC News colleagues: Trump may announce for 2024 on inauguration day. Either way, he won't attend the inauguration and does not plan to invite Biden to the White House or even call him.

That's ok. Joe has been there before. He knows his way around.

Quoted @NatashaBertrand

Full document here, though much is redacted:

Everything is a transaction with this guy

Quoted @DilemmaOfEve

Any Star Trek fans out there? I need some guidance on an art project...


Quoted @so99y

Really nice. I know I can go look this up. But do you have an acoustic album? Loved this and the piano piece you posted recently.

Never mind. Found it

Quoted @ThatEricAlper

What's the coolest song lyric ever written?

"Oh, by the way, which one's Pink?"

Quoted @justapedn_cob

@shannonrwatts Run Treadmill. Yoga. Work from home if you can. Read great books. Write short fiction. Open course. Learn something new. Paint. Draw. Play an instrument. Get a golf simulator set up in garage. Shovel snow. Meditate. Study philosophy. Pray if so inclined. Learn to cook better. Sew

Chop wood

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