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22 mins of mushroom & fungi folklore! Listen & look to Pt2 of 4-part series: Aminita muscaria, Charles Edenshaw's Fungus Man plate, soma & haoma, microphiles & microphobes, faerie rings + mushrooms of the Nintendo Super Mario universe

🍄Warning as rare 'toxic mushrooms' are found growing in city park

Listen and Look at the episode and all the images of Pt1 of the food history and food art of mushrooms. Pt2 Fungi and Folklore coming soon!

Fabulous Freaky Fungi! This Biotech Startup Just Raised $47 Million To Make Drugs From Fungi via @forbes

From Ep35 Mushrooms: Shamans and Shrooms, food art and food history. Mushroom figure Matalem-Amazar from Tassili n’Ajjer cave mural in Algeria. Listen to the full ep from bio.

Pt1 of 4: 22 min listen & look from link below Brief mushroom synopsis, Shamanism & Cave Art, Aboriginal Gwion Gwion, Australia, Tassili n’Ajjer, Algeria, Pegtymel Petroglyphs in Siberia, Mesoamerican society, María Sabina + #mushroom #foodhistory #foodart

Pt1 of 4 eps of mushroom food history + food art, cave art, Marià Sabina, foraging, folklore, symbolism, culinary tips, microdosing, psychiatry, + artworks of mushrooms by Qiu Yang, Xiaojing Yan, Beatrix Potter, Elsie Wakefield, Yayoi Kusama, Wangechi Mutu

We've got a really exciting opportunity to join our team. If you're enthusiastic about inspiring people to learn, cooking and growing then this could be the role for you

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We're hiring for four roles! ➊ Head of Professional & Educational Services (FT) ➋ Trainer (0.8) ➌ Lead Youth Worker (10 hours/month) ➍ Assistant Youth Worker (5.25 hours/month) Please share with anyone you think'd be a good fit

New jobs just announced at a wonderful organisation full of passionate, professional and dedicated people. Share with those who might be interested.

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@SmyGoodness Happy birthday! Have a magnificent time gluttoning: you can be shellfish on your birthday after all!

Hahahaha! It warms my heart that all the branches of the Smy line are so hilarious!!!

Aaand since it's my birthday I would love to get a few more listens to my most popular podcast episode all about the fascinating food history and food art of Courgette/Fiori di zuccha/Zucchini PLUS interview with the lovely and talented @OrsoTosco

It's my birthday and tonight I will eat the topic of one of my fav ever podcast episodes - Lobster! Listen from link below for the food history & food art of lobster PLUS tales from Cape Cod Lobsterman Legend Greg Weeks!

•From Ep6 of Ice Cream food history and food art with special guest @tarasorganic - listen from link in bio, on iTunes, Spotify and everywhere. •I came across the artwork of Chila Kumari Burman who repurposed her…

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Had the best day yesterday with @smygoodness strolling around Olympic park & Hackney Marshes part of our #staycation 2020 But before our walk #meditation session with Amabie ➡️ protector of the pandemics made by…

What a lovely little epic adventure we had! ❤️

Agnes B. Marshall (1855-1905) aka "the Queen of Ices" was a Victorian culinary entrepreneur from Walthamstow. Find out more on Ep 6 of Smy Goodness Podcast about ice cream, it’s #foodhistory + #foodart featuring…

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